VidaSlim Review – Benefits, Side-Effects, and More!

You’ve probably heard about VidaSlim. At the moment, it’s inescapable! From the bros at the gym to girls on Instagram, it seems that everyone is obsessed with this fat loss supplement!

So what, right? Nowadays, a new weight loss supplement comes out every minute, yet many people seem to think VidaSlim is the real deal. 

In this Vidaslim review, we’re going to be deep-diving into this productWe’ll examine its ingredients, where you can buy it, and, most notably, its effectiveness. 

What is VidaSlim?

VidaSlim is a weight-loss supplement specifically designed to help you burn fat. 

On top of the weight loss ingredients, this product also packs a pretty strong multivitamin profile, meaning it supports an active lifestyle. This means that you’re more likely to keep your training regime on point and keep your goals in sight. 

On top of this, VidaSlim is big on community and accountability. Once you become a VidaSlimmer, you gain access to a fantastic team of consultants who’re passionate about the VidaSlim life and always in your corner to help you gain some yards on your weight-loss goals!

Brought to you by VidaSlim USA, VidaSlim offers a unique form of encouragement through their social media community. 

If you’re looking for tips, motivation, or others with a similar mind & goal-set to you, follow VidaSlim on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, and hey presto! You’ve found your tribe!

One assurance of VidaSlim is that once you start your weight loss journey, they will be with you every step of the way. Either through the social media community or their incredible team of in-person and over-the-phone/internet VidaSlim consultants. 

What Are the Benefits of Vidaslim?

Taken from the Spanish word meaning ‘life’ (vida) and the English word for ‘gracefully thin’ or ‘slender,’ VidaSlim claims to offer you the chance to live a slender life.

With that in mind, the claimed benefits of VidaSlim are:

  • VidaSlim boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat.
  • Its robust vitamin profile energizes you and keeps you active. 
  • It improves your overall health and can potentially lower blood cholesterol levels.

You’ve likely heard bold claims like this before from other weight loss supplements.

Vidaslim Ingredients

Let’s take a peek at the formula and see what ingredients are in Vidaslim.

Root of Tejocote 

Root of Tejocote is otherwise known as the Mexican Hawthorn Root and has long been known for weight loss properties. Evidence shows that Root of Tejocote has incredible benefits related to eliminating body fat and detoxing you in general.


Resveratol is a health-boosting compound found in red wine. In the body, it acts in the same way as an anti-oxidant – AKA, it works at removing harmful oxidizing agents in our bodies. Resveratol is generally found in the seeds & skins of berries and grapes.

Resveratol can provide numerous proven health benefits, including lower blood pressure, a longer life span, easing of joint pain, neuro-protection, and cancer cells’ suppression.  

Green Tea

Green tea is a stimulant due to the caffeine it contains. This means that your metabolism will run faster, which means you will burn more fat for fuel over the day. Additionally, there are many other benefits of drinking Green Tea.

White Tea

Of all the forms of tea, white tea is the least processed, but what does that mean? It means that white tea has got more anti-oxidants than other teas. That means Vidaslim is here for you to help you fight any of those nasty free radicals that supposedly leave you feeling down. 

Additionally, white tea is a thermogenic that boosts your metabolism and may combat osteoporosis in women.  

And just like green tea, it also helps in keeping your skin in tip-top shape, as well as fighting neuro-diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

Vitamin B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 has a whole HOST of benefits. These benefits include better moods, lower heart disease risk, inflammation reduction, and much more.  

You may Vitamin B12 as something you need to take if you’re on a vegetarian diet (it only comes from animals). It provides similar benefits as B6 and has the added benefit of giving you stronger hair, skin, and nails.   

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Without getting too sciency, fewer carbohydrates mean less available glycogen for fuel. Less available glycogen for fuel means your body will turn to its adipose tissue (you and I call it fat) to provide its energy.

Acai berry powder

In the Amazon rainforest, acai berry is a staple food and is loaded with nutritional benefits. Like many other ingredients in Vidaslim, they’re super high in anti-oxidants.

They can reduce your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. 

Additionally, they may have a possible anti-cancer effect and boost brain function.


5-HTP is an amino acid that your body naturally produces to make serotonin – a hormone that stabilizes our mood, sleep schedule & digestion. 

Digestion is probably the key takeaway from those benefits, as 5-HTP increases your body’s sense of ‘fullness. That means less appetite, which means fewer calories and cravings. This means less fat – in a roundabout sort of way. 

Like the white kidney bean extract mentioned above, it also reduces your carbohydrate absorption, so it’s attacking the weight loss demons from two angles.

Vidaslim’s ingredients are sound pretty impressive so far! Let’s learn a bit more with the rest of our Vidaslim review.  

How Do You Use Vidaslim?

It would help if you took VidaSlim twice a day, either together or spread out throughout the day. Over time, you can increase your dosage but never exceed six in a day. For the best effects, you should take it before you eat.  

What Are Vidaslim’s Side Effects?

As ever, you should always consult your doctor or health care provider before taking this supplement. That said, this supplement is well studied and should be safe for all bar those who are caffeine sensitive, pregnant, or nursing. Side effects related to caffeine include insomnia and some gastrointestinal issues.

What Are Customers Saying About Vidaslim

The best reviews we found for VidaSlim were actually through their Instagram account! Check it out:

And see some of the amazing transformations that people have experienced!

Where Can I Buy Vidaslim?

The best place to buy is through their store. For only $35, you can buy a 30 day supply, and for $85, you can get a 90 day supply. If you feel more comfortable, you can buy directly from a VidaSlim consultant/affiliate.

Unlike many other supplements, VidaSlim isn’t sold on Amazon or other online retailers currently. If you see it there, it’s likely a scam.  

VidaSlim offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, which is lower than many of its competitors. Additionally, their website quotes that ‘refunds will only be provided when deemed appropriate’ – which sounds like you’ll need a pretty concrete reason for the return. This could be a bad sign that even they don’t believe in their product.  

Pros and Cons of Vidaslim

Let’s talk about some of VidaSlim’s pros and cons:


  • Full of vitamins that help boost your overall health. 
  • Thermogenic ingredients that can potentially boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.  
  • Caffeine and vitamins will help give you energy.
  • Vidaslim users haven’t reported any severe side effects.
  • Great community of users to support you in your weight loss journey. 
  • It contains all-natural ingredients that are good for you.


  • It can affect your sleep schedule and upset your stomach if you’re sensitive to caffeine.  
  • The seven-day money-back guarantee is shorter than similar products, and you might get hassled if you try to make a return. 
  • At over $1 per pill, VidaSlim is a pretty serious investment. If you take the max dose of 6 per day, that can add up fast.  

Our Final Thoughts on Vidaslim

Look, there’s a lot to love about this product. The ingredients are undeniably powerful, and I don’t think anyone could admit that there aren’t lots of excellent benefits to be had from regular consumption.

 The community support that’s provided, too, seems to be a fantastic tool in the power of this product’s weight-loss power. Our verdict? If you’re looking for an affordable product that can help you shift those final pounds, then this is it! Bon chance!

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