Pros and cons of farm subsidies

Pros and Cons of Farm Subsidies

It is hard to overstate the pivotal role of farming and agriculture to us as a nation, global society, and a species always striving to survive. After all, agriculture grows a vast majority of the crops, raises a great majority of cattle, and provides a majority of the dairy consumed …

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pros and cons of flexograpy

Pros and Cons of Flexography

Often going by the abbreviation “flexo,” flexography is the name given to a printing process utilizing a flexible relief plate. It’s a modern-day version of letterpress printing and considered by many to be the best kind of non-digital printing for large orders, and long print runs.  But is it always …

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Pros and Cons of Conjugal Visits

Conjugal visits for prisoners are always subject to controversy. People with a more punitive view believe that it’s an excessive luxury. Others who think it’s right prisoners are entitled to. The best way to look at it is to think about how it affects the prisoners. Are there clear-cut benefits …

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Negative effects of free trade

The Negative Effects of Free Trade

Free trade is a policy that waives all barriers to imports and exports between a bloc of nations. Free trade is typically a liberal economic position, though it is known as a conservative position in the United States. Left-wing and far-right nationalist parties tend to promote protectionism, which is considered …

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Grey Rhino at a Zoo

The Pros of Cons and Zoos Examined

The practice of holding live animals in “zoos” dates back to ancient human civilization as far back as 2500 BCE. Wall carvings in Mesopotamia show evidence of menageries owned by the highest ranks of society. Early zoos served as symbols of wealth and status, where owners severely mistreated animals for …

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