Energy, Longesvity and Stress

Pros and Cons of Cogni-flex

Cogni-flex is a nootropic supplement, which helps to enhance brain function in healthy individuals. For instance, it can help the brain’s ability to recall events quickly, while also improving mental acuity, concentration levels, and the brain’s ability to ‘think creatively’.  As is often the case with just about any cerebral …

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Pros and cons of G-Fuel

Pros and Cons of Drinking G-Fuel

G-Fuel is a caffeinated drink mix created By Gamma Labs. It is a sugar-free and natural alternative to other energy drinks. G-Fuel is known as the energy drink of extreme sports and esports, with partnerships with famous people like Pewdiepie. Just like other energy drinks, there various benefits and issues …

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Pros and Cons of Protandim

Pros and Cons of Protandim

Protandim is a dietary supplement created by the LiveVantage Corporation. It is supposed to strengthen immunity and regulate stress responses via antioxidants. Because its effects are controversial, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of Protandim:  Pros of Protandim: 1.) Lowers blood pressure:  Protandim could potentially reduce …

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The impact of stress on your body

The Impact Of Stress On Your Body

You’re sitting in traffic, running late for a flight.  The minutes tick by and traffic hasn’t moved an inch.  Your hypothalamus, an important regulator in your brain, begins releasing stress hormones.  These stress hormones are identical to the ones that trigger “fight or flight” responses.  Your heart beats uncontrollably and …

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