Pros and Cons of Cogni-flex

Cogni-flex is a nootropic supplement, which helps to enhance brain function in healthy individuals. For instance, it can help the brain’s ability to recall events quickly, while also improving mental acuity, concentration levels, and the brain’s ability to ‘think creatively’. 

As is often the case with just about any cerebral enhancing supplements out there, are there any downsides to using Cogni-flex? 

Pros and cons of cogni-flex


1.) It improves blood flow.  Increased blood flow to the brain means that the brain cells can soak up more oxygen, thus adding extra ‘horsepower’ to your mental capabilities – giving you the ability to complete mentally-intensive tasks quickly. 

2.) Improved connections between neurons.  The formula in Cogni-flex enhances the relationship between the thousands to millions of neurons within the brain, meaning that users can remember events a lot better and even recall past events a lot faster.

3.) It gives you an additional energy boost. Cogni-flex’s blood flow enhancing benefits are not just limited to the brain. Given the variety of blood flow-enhancing and energy-boosting ingredients present – such as Rhodiola Rosea and l-Theanine – users have reported feeling very energetic throughout the day, both mentally and physically.

4.) Improved concentration and mental acuity. Thanks to the unique blend of ingredients, Cogni-flex helps improve focus and attention throughout the day, with an increased ability to think creatively and multi-task – perfect for students or those looking to have a creative boost at work. 

5.) Improves learning rate and memory recall. Users have reported being able to grasp new concepts and learn new things quicker, while others have said that it helps them recall past events with ease. 

6.) It supports overall brain health. Users of Cogni-flex have reported feeling much more ‘mentally alive’ – feeling less mental fatigue throughout the day, and feeling very productive and positive while on the supplement.


1.) May not be suitable for the caffeine sensitive.  Since the nootropic supplement contains a fair amount of caffeine, it may not be the best’ mental booster’ for those who have a known sensitivity to caffeine. Under persistent use, this may cause heart palpitations, anxiety, or digestive issues. 

2.) Overdosing can have negative consequences. While having access to such an effective brain power booster, it can be tempting to overdose to enjoy more significant effects. However, this can have negative consequences, such as a decline in the cerebrum cells. 

3.) May react with certain meds. Cogniflex may react with other meds and supplements that you may already be taking to manage and improve mental and heart health. 

4.) It’s not a cure.  Cogniflex is not meant to be used as a cure to any ailing mental conditions or to make up for a general lack of brainpower and mental acuity.

5.) The effects may take a while.  The supplement’s effects may often take up to two weeks or more to show.

6.) It’s not FDA-approved.  While it does offer a lot of promise, Cogniflex has not been approved by the FDA, which means you may have to consider if the potential risks are worth it carefully. 

Alan Behrens

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