Pros and cons of thermogenics

Pros and Cons of Thermogenics

Fat burners – or thermogenics – have been all the rage in the fitness world for the last few decades and with good reason. With so many people around the world struggling to lose weight, there’s a long line-up of thermogenic products on the market, all promising to help you burn pounds of lard and even put on muscle. 

As with anything that promises unbelievable results, it’s always good to weigh the pros against the cons before you buy.

Pros and cons of thermogenics


1.) They give you an energy boost.  Thermogenics typically contain at least one or more ingredient that has stimulant properties, which helps boost energy, especially during those low-calorie diet phases. The energy boost is similar to that experienced after a cup of coffee or energy drink. 

2.) They curb food cravings.  Many thermogenics, in addition to having energy-boosting properties, will contain specific ingredients to help manage food cravings. These appetite suppressants can have powerful effects in terms of weight loss, as long as your nutritional and exercise regimen is in check. 

3.) Thermogenics help with weight loss.  While the brand of fat burner you buy plays an important role, the main idea behind a weight loss supplement or thermogenic is to help you lose weight. So it does work, although you shouldn’t expect it to work like a ‘magic pill’, with you still making poor nutritional choices or leading a sedentary lifestyle, for instance. 

4.) Better mental alertness.  Aside from the energy-boosting benefits, a thermogenic supplement can also help you have better mental focus, which can be a problem for those trying to lose weight. A restriction on calories means that you may feel lethargic, so a fat burner can help you feel more ‘mentally alive’. 


1.) Choosing the right thermogenic can be confusing. The fat burner market is rife with choices far too many options. Each manufacturer boasts a unique formula, promising the moon and assuring users that their formula is the most effective one. This can lead to often expensive purchases with not the best results because certain kinds of fat burners are better suited to certain types of people. 

2.) Thermogenics can be addictive. As with any other product on the market that ‘gets you up’ and gets you moving, fat burners can also be a hard habit to kick. People have struggled to cut down or give up their daily coffee/tea drinking habits, namely because of the caffeine and sugar rush they experience with each cup. The same can be said of a thermogenic – the stimulants in your supplement can make it hard to kick the habit, even after you have reached your weight loss goals. 

3.) Side-effects can be nasty for some. While thermogenics affect people differently depending on a host of factors, some people tend to experience jitters, anxiety, withdrawals, high blood pressure, nervousness, restlessness, and other similar symptoms

This is because thermogenics belong to the same family of stimulants as coffee – picking you up instantly and causing you to crash later, leaving your jittery, anxious, restless, and even tired all at the same time.

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