Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7

Many would regard the Samsung Galaxy S7 as being almost a perfect smartphone. It builds on the successful model of its predecessor and then improves on it. The designers have listened to the critics, and it shows in their approach to its design. Did they nail it down, though? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S7

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S7: 

1.) Design. Sharing a lot of the same design attributes with the brilliantly made S6 model, the S7 makes improvements by reducing the camera hump, though it still slightly protrudes. It is made from premium materials, and the phone has an all-around sleek and stylish design with rounded curves and a metallic frame. The back is glass and is very smooth to the touch. The phone comes in three different colors, and they all look great, so you can’t go wrong.

2.) Water-resistant. The phone is IP 68 certified and can withstand water over 1.5m for 30 minutes. 

3.) Expanded Storage. A feature missed from the previous version was the expansion MicroSD slot, which can accommodate cards as big as 200GBs. This allows all 4K videos and high def pictures to avoid getting stored on the phone memory itself.

4.) Camera. While the camera has a reduced megapixel count from the prior release, downgrading from 16 MP to 12 MP, the camera has an increased sensor size and a fantastic pixel size. This allows for more light to shine through, resulting in fantastic pictures. For videos, the camera can capture 240 frames per second at an HD resolution.

5.) Wireless Charging. Sticking with the wireless wave of future charging methods, the S7 can be charged wirelessly.

6.) AMOLED Screen. Utilizing the best materials on the market, the screen has a beautiful display, with the pixels lighting up individually, resulting in an incredible visual result.

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7: 

1.) Fingerprint Prone. The back of the phone is glass, and it feels great to the touch, but as is the nature with glass, it retains fingerprints. In the light of day, the fingerprints can be evident, and it is not a good look. Of course, you can cover it up, but then you would also hide the great look behind a protective shield.

2.) Fragile. While you may not want to cover the beauty of the phone, you may want to for the sake of its safety. While it is made from Gorilla Glass 4, the phone can still be broken without a lot of effort, so it is wise to invest in a protective case.

3.) Limited Storage Variant. The phone only comes with 32GBs, and there is no variant. As mentioned in the pros section, it has the ability to expand the memory with the MicroSD slot massively, but the phone will not permit applications to be installed to it. You can save your videos and pictures to the card, but there is no getting around putting the apps straight to the phone.

4.) Outdated Charging Port. While USB Type C is the new norm and the future of phone charging ports, the S7 does not have it and sticks with the now near obsolete charging alternative.

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