Pros and Cons of Living in Las Vegas

As one of the most popular visitor cities, Las Vegas has been a standout destination for those seeking fancied up gambling and those who love to take in the breathtaking, world-renowned shows. With its relaxed laws in specific categories where other places are more strict, Vegas attracts many to exercise some of their vices and have a lot of fun doing so, dubbing it “Sin City.” 

Las Vegas, however, does have a sizable population of residents who are not visiting there for a good time, but rather live there, raise families and work in a variety of business ventures around the city. If you are thinking of becoming one of those residents, you should know that Vegas has a wide array of great reasons to move there, but there are drawbacks as well. Let’s take a look at some of both. 

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Pros of Living in Las Vegas

1.) No State Income Tax. Statewide, Nevada does not have an income tax. Therefore in a sense, moving to Las Vegas would save money. Vegas rakes in a lot of money from the charges on the gaming commission, getting it enough funds to not have to tax people’s incomes (on a state level). The money saved here helps to afford housing purchases for newer residents.

2.) Outdoor Recreation. While standing anywhere in Las Vegas, wherever you look, you see mountains out of Sin City’s valley. Near those mountain regions, a wide array of outdoor recreation is available such as skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more.

3.) Weather. With 300+ days of sunshine Vegas rarely experiences demonstrably lousy weather. Most days, the temperature is around 80 degrees, with a low humidity index, unlike a lot of other states which enjoy such daily temperatures. While the summer months can be extreme in regards to heat, nine months out of the year are typically fantastic on the weather front.

4.) Always Something To Do. Las Vegas is a pretty non-stop environment. Casinos are open around the clock, drawing clientele at all hours. Because of this, a lot of businesses, bars, restaurants, etc. are open for much longer hours. With a city that never stops moving, you can find something to do at almost any hour. 

5.) Light Traffic, Ample Parking. Unlike most cities of its density and activity, Las Vegas has surprisingly minimal traffic. It exists, but it pales in comparison to other metropolitan areas around the country. Parking, except for the strip and the downtown area, is usually straightforward to find and generally free. 

6.) No Mosquitos. An enormous benefit to anywhere in the world, Vegas does not have mosquitos. Anyone who has lived in areas pestered by them would find this as a huge pro.

Cons of Living in Las Vegas

1.) A Car is a Must. The public transportation in Vegas is a far cry from being robust. You would need a car to get anywhere. While it is an accessible city to figure out directions around, it’s a tough city you reside in without a vehicle.

2.) Education. Unfortunately, Nevada’s school system ranks last in the country based on report card ratings. The schools are overcrowded, and there are not enough teachers in the system.

3.) Finding a Job. Unless you already have something lined up when you move to the city, Las Vegas is not a great place to find work. Sure, there is a lot of hospitality and gambling industry positions, but they do not pay high. It is challenging to find a job for those with an established career.

4.) Summers. The summers in Las Vegas can be brutal with the heat. Between June and August, the temperatures average above 100 degrees. While it may not feel as burdensome as places with comparable temperatures and high humidity, sporting a dry heat environment, the heat index is very high and can be tough to get used to for someone who has lived part of their life in cooler parts of the world.

5.) Gambling. The city is a non-stop gambling machine where there is never a time that casinos are free from players. Sadly, many people get caught up in the allure of gambling, and residents more prone to being addicted to gambling could seriously hurt their financial state, affecting themselves and loved ones.

Given certain conditions, Las Vegas living has more pros than cons overall. On the flip side, the disadvantages can be challenging ones to overcome for most new residents. 

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