Positive and negative effects of technology on education

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Education

With the dramatic advancement in technology, the way education is delivered has changed a lot in both positive and negative sense. With the continuous change in technology, the mode of teaching adopted by teachers in using the classroom has also changed.  Technology has greatly helped in maximizing what a student can learn, and the rate at which it can be learned. But, as improper use of anything can result in an adverse impact, the same is the case with technology. Let us look at both the positive and negative impacts of technology on education.

The positive effect of technology on education

Positive and negative effects of technology on education

Use Of Innovative learning methods

One of the ways in which technological advancement has modified the present education system is through the use of smartboards. Ten years back, the situation was completely different. Teachers used to use chalk and board method which later proceeded to white boards. Presently, teachers are teaching using smart boards which are highly advanced form of learning methods. These boards provide several different methods to teach as well as share information among students. This makes learning and teaching quite effective and convenient.

Smart boards help in increasing education. They are highly advanced and also enables teachers to provide unlimited information to students. Smart boards offer Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, and various other programs that are beneficial for teaching. Smart Notebook included in the Smart Board software offers functionality to users to combine their images, notes, and types of other media in the form of virtual notebooks.

They can be projected as well as edited with the help of the Smart Board. Other types of technology devices used in enhancing the level of level of education includes smart response interactive system, smart ideas concept-mapping solution, smart document camera, smart wireless slate, and smart notebook-based math tool that is designed to be used with the smart board.

Readily available knowledge
Use of latest technology-based learning aids greatly helps student to improve their knowledge daily at school. Kids are able to retrieve all different types of information quickly than ever before.

Information retrieval made simpler
With the introduction of smartphone, they can access to any knowledge at their fingertips. Google serves to be the best and the most reliable information sources that provides them information within seconds.

Easy to remain updated
Smartphone are also beneficial in keeping students constantly updated on all those things that are presently happening in the world. By simply opening up the application, they can keep themselves updated about all the major happenings in the areas of sports, current events and politics. This instant availability of information enables them to become more and more informed, aware and educated. This immediate access has changed the way students will process information and form decisions.

The negative impact of technology on education

Having seen all the positive impact of technology on education, it is now time to learn about its adverse impact too.

Not all students use the technological device in the right way. There are students who use it to play games, chatting on social networking websites, playing music and access other kind of stuff in the middle of the learning session. This not just distracts them but also others who are present in the class. Not listening to teachers and not paying attention to lectures make them suffer at the end of the session.

Kills their creativity
As a student can find any amount of information on the web, they don’t do research on their own. They simple look up or answers to their questions and write them word for word without actually understanding the concept. They don’t apply their brain in solving questions and simply rely on web for answers. Their sole focus has changed from learning to securing good grades. This mere copying of information without learning gaining clarity about the concept has killed creativity in students. In this way, if they use technology, then it is not going to be useful for them.

No practical learning
Due to less analytical approach towards learning, students later become graduates who are very good on paper but don’t possess skills and knowledge in their selected area of study. They aren’t talented to solve technical issues even after being degree holders. This is the saddest negative impact of technology in the field of education.

It is not necessary that whatever is being presented on the web is authentic and genuine. Misinformation is one of the biggest issues that technology present to modern age students. Anyone has the power to post anything over the Internet. This makes it extremely tough to distinguish between the right and wrong. Here comes the role of parents and school authorities to take necessary action to ensure that their students are making the right use of technology.

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