Positive and negative impacts of technology

We have indeed come a long way since Aryabhatta discovered the importance of Zero, an abstract which forms a cornerstone of our entire modern tech today. It is this zero that gave rise to the binary code, one that all our technology is based on. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find or even locate one person who does not use modern technology in any variant. While technology can be a tad pervasive, it has nevertheless provided us with numerous benefits. Granted, it can be hard for you to think of or for that matter, even ponder on the negative impacts of technology but the fact remains, technology does impact our society and often, not in a positive way.

Positive and negative impacts of technology

Positive impacts of technology:

As the world population continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, both hunger and poverty are perennial issues, troubling many nations all over the world. Now, thanks to tech, organizations are better able to coordinate their data and provide those in need with easy access to food, shelter, medicine, and other basic facilities. Most of the relief work is handled by UN and other organizations but it is with modern tech, and real-time updates, that these organizations are able to provide those in need, with timely and effective intervention.

As you may have noted already, with the spiraling cost of fuel, it has become more important than ever before to make the transition to green energy. By opting for zero emission energy like solar power, you should be able to utilize the same and power up your home for free rather than foot expensive energy bills. The initial installation may cost a little but it is well worth it when you consider the fact that you can tap sun’s energy and not have to pay expensive utility bills, any more than what’s required.

Medical technology has indeed come on to its own, especially in the last decade. Thanks to modern tech more refined machines are available to help scientists decode and break down key elements, synthesize invaluable proteins and enzymes, use genetics to develop customized care to treat certain health conditions and much more. In fact, thanks to medical tech, doctors can now operate on patients located on other continents, thanks to the advancements made in the field of robotics and AI.

Negative impacts of technology:

When it comes to the issue of the negative impact of technology, you would not have to look beyond your mobile. A recent spurt in smartphone-related accidents points out to the fact that technology can indeed be fatal if you do not take adequate care. A recent study pointed out to the fact that most of the accidents, from vehicular collisions to sudden fall from high rises often occur to the selfie obsession.

Apart from this, is the fact that society as a whole has developed around technology to the point that you may find it hard to go ‘off the grid’ so as to speak. As a result, chances are that you have a more steady relationship with your phone or your laptop than you would, with another human being. This by itself is not harmful but limiting ‘people to people’ interaction can isolate you, make you more insular, cause you to experience anxiety disorder, depression and much more. This is why it is important that you spend a certain amount of time, each day, connecting with others in your life, personally and not via some device.

And there are the associated health conditions that are caused as a result of overexposure to more technology – for example; you may impair your eyesight as a result of spending too much time online. If your eyes start burning, your body is letting you know that you have strained your eyes enough and that you need to take adequate rest. Similarly, if you happen to be a programmer, chances are that you will spend a fair amount of time online which can result in you developing carpal tunnel syndrome. In case, you notice sharp pain radiating from your wrist, then chances are that you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and need to get the same attended to at the earliest.

These are some of the positive and negative impacts of technology; you can expect more advancement especially in the field of medicine and engineering over the next few years. But it should be pointed out that technology, like everything else, is only good in moderation and an overexposure to the same can lead to unintended consequences.

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