Positive and Negative impacts of the Social Media

To catch up with the current trends in society, and moreover, to save oneself from being looked down upon as being too traditional and outdated, people vie with each other to make their presence felt in the myriads of social media sites. Across the generations and social status, from the school going kids to big business tycoons and celebrities, people squeeze in social networking to their busy schedule. In fact, some people have accounts on multiple sites. While some of these websites ensure you a job, some offer you contact with your long lost friends.

Positive and Negative impacts of the Social Media

But are these social media platforms good for our society? Or are they a negative influence on the youngsters as well as the adults? Just like an excessive amount of drug can cost you even your life, over usage of social media can also harm your very social existence. Let us find out the impacts it creates in our society.

Positive Impacts of Social Media:

The positive impacts of social media on our society are mentioned below:

  • Maintain and Develop New Relationships:
    With the help of social media, we can connect with our friends and colleagues easily. We can also find people with similar interests and build a healthy relationship with them.
  • Enhance Our knowledge:
    Students and teachers can get expert advice from these social media websites. Students will also be able to understand the complex subjects by watching videos and collecting the necessary study materials. Teachers can hold discussions with the other professionally qualified lecturers and get ideas to improve their teaching methods.
  • Promotes Business:
    The business sector has benefited the most through these websites. Marketing and advertising can be easily done via the internet. Their brands will be easily recognized with the help of social media. By seeking potential clients across the globe, they can easily enter into the international markets.
  • Provide Information on the Latest Trends:
    In the modern world, it is necessary to be informed about what is happening around the world on time. This is possible through the social media platforms.
  • Develops creativity:
    The creativity of a person can easily gain attention via these platforms. By posting the stories and poems online and also by blogging, we can develop our creativity and gain appreciation from the global audience.


Negative Impacts of Social Media:

The negative impacts of social media on our society are mentioned below:

  • Reputation:
    The reputation of an individual or a business organization can be easily ruined through the social media platforms. Whether it is a false accusation or not, the news travels far and wide via the internet. The businesses may suffer major losses due to this.
  • Bad Habits:
    The youth will get easily influenced by the drug dealers and develop bad habits like addiction to alcohol and drugs through these platforms.
  • Addiction to the Social Media:
    The addiction to the social media platforms is equally dangerous like the drug addiction. This addiction is usually common in teenagers. It not only cut off their relationship with the society but also wastes their precious time.
  • Depression and Other Health Issues:
    The excessive use of the social media can even affect your health. People who get cheated by the online relationships often suffer from depressions and can also develop suicidal tendencies. Spending more time before the internet can also cause obesity and  eyesight problems
  • Security:
    This is the most important ill-effect of the social media. The online accounts created by us can be easily hacked and used for illegal transactions. Hence, no information about us is safe within these websites.Also Read: Pros and Cons of Technology

In this era of cut-throat competitions, the social media sites act as a platform to celebrate and advertise our professional achievements. However, the moment our career graph takes a downward trend, these same sites can lead us to depression when we habitually compare our lives with that of our contemporaries in the social media. Instead of getting inspired, we get de-motivated. This unhealthy trend of professional, as well as personal comparison, can break us completely down, resulting in the decline of our confidence for a lifetime.

To be precise, like all the other sectors, social media has both advantages and disadvantages. The impact of social media websites in our society depends on how we deal with them. Though it can sometimes be a waste of time, there is no better way for us to connect and communicate with the people across the globe.

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