Positive and negative impact of medical technology

Positive and negative impact of medical technology

Medical technology has indeed come a long way since doctors use leeches to bleed a patient in order to effect a cure. With medical firms allocating large funds for research into new areas of research in their quest for a miracle drug, it is more likely that we would see vaccines and effective medications being developed to combat several health issues from Alzheimer’s to Tourettes Syndrome. The fact remains that medical research has indeed stagnated over the last two decades and had only recently picked up a result of several promising leads. With the various advances being made in the field of medical technology and the tools used in the same, it is widely anticipated that the medical field will have it’s own Eureka moment in a matter of a few years. But this should not distract us from the fact that the medical field comes with its own baggage which is why we need to take a closer look at the positive and negative impact of medical technology.

Positive and negative impact of medical technology

The positive impact of medical technology:

  • Effective diagnosis: As a result of various advances made in medical technology and its various tools, it is now possible to diagnose a patient’s health condition much more effectively. With machines that can analyze blood array test faster, with bacteria molds pushed to grow faster in a compatible medium, the doctor has all the tools he needs to make an effective diagnosis. Even a decade earlier, patients would often have to wait three to five days before the various test results would be out and he can confirm the diagnosis. But now, thanks to effective medical technology, he can provide the patient with an effective diagnosis in a matter of few hours.
  • Centralized database: The days of carrying bulky medical files around are long over; these days with a centralized database loaded with all your information from your personal details, height, weight, last known health issues to several others are uploaded to the common platform. Your physician can review your file at any time, make noting and even call you in real time to discuss your health issue with you. With a centralized database, you can forward your file to any doctor so that he can assess your health and make the required recommendations.
  • Round the clock monitoring: With various medical tools being made available, your doctor can now monitor your condition round the clock. You can make a video call to your doctor anytime you feel like consulting him. He can review all the parameters online and make the required suggestions. All of this has been made possible due to the recent advances in medical technology.

The negative impact of medical technology:

  • Increased costs: As a result of the various advances being made in the field of medical technology, the costs for most procedures has gone up. You would think that with online consultation and the fact that you are not taking up space in the doctors sitting room should be enough to qualify you for a discount. But as it stands, most procedures and even a simple consultation cost more.
  • High-end therapies: While it is true that several high-end therapies are now possible thanks to the advances in medical technologies, further research is required since there is no easy way for doctors to gauge the full effect. It is important for doctors to better understand the full ramifications of new procedures, practice using the new tools for hours before testing the same out on a patient. Even therapies like Chemotherapy can cause the patient to experience unbearable pain.
  • Impersonal health care: With doctors relying more heavily on online medium to contact and monitor their patients, the number of faulty diagnoses seems to be on a rise. This could have happened because the doctor preferred to diagnose his patient online which resulted in a faulty diagnosis. So you need to consult your doctor in person as a close physical examination can help point out the underlying health issue.

These are the positive and negative impact of medical technology; so the next time you consult your physician, you may want to opt for a person-to-person meeting rather than the online version.

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