Pros and cons of Netflix

Pros and Cons of Netflix

Netflix is a revolutionary streaming giant and leader. As one of the innovative powers at the head of the streaming age, Netflix boasts an enormous number of members globally, has acquired rights to a supreme content library, and cranks out original shows and movies on an unprecedented scale with a sometimes surprising level of quality.

It is easily the most recognizable streaming service, with any other competitors in the field, even those on a fast ascent, are unlikely to ever catch up with Netflix’s superiority. Having said all that, there are some disadvantages to the Netflix brand as well. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Netflix.

Pros of Netflix

1.) Choices:  It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of browsing the Netflix library to realize how much content there is. As much as is available from the dynamically adjusting personal account menus, utilizing the search feature is even more indicative of how wide the selection of movies, shows, documentaries, and family programming Netflix has at its disposal.

2.) Ease of use: The menus are very intuitive, simple to navigate, and smooth. There is not much to question about the layout or how to manipulate any streaming actions (play/stop/pause/rewind/fast forward), regardless of the device being used for streaming.

3.) No commercials: No matter the membership tier, Netflix does not utilize advertisements, collecting their revenue based solely on the subscription model from members.

4.) Membership choices: There is a variety of Netflix membership tiers. Some allow for just streaming to a certain number of devices, and some add the use of the original Netflix model of mailing DVDs to homes. For streaming, there is a basic plan, which allows for SD quality streaming, a basic HD plan, which allows for HD streaming, and a premium plan which allows HD and Ultra HD streaming. 

5.) Original Programming: The scope of original programming is vast, not only in quality but also in quality. If one was to look into the amount of original release Netflix churns out, the numbers are mind-blowing. The range of original content spans from any hour-long genre of the show to vast amounts of children’s programming, to documentaries, all the way to half-hour comedies, and everything in between. Its original moves have even won Oscars!

Oscar-Winning Film“Marriage Story.”

6.) Watching Offline: Unlike many other streaming providers, Netflix offers the ability to download the content and be able to watch it offline. Whether its shows or movies to keep kids entertained on long car rides or a long commute to work on public transportation, it allows people to consume more of Netflix’s content on the go. It is also a great way to be able to download something inside of a wifi zone and watch it without blowing through limited data plans when not.

7.) Price: For the basic, basic HD and premium plans, Netflix goes for a low monthly cost of $8, $10, and $12, respectively. The price does tend to creep up by a dollar every couple of years, but this directly correlates to the volume of content Netflix puts out monthly.

Cons of Netflix

1.) Geographically Limited. Netflix serves many different parts of the world, all with their own rules and limitations for the streaming service. In the US, the selection of content is vast. In other parts of the world, it is more limited. However, Netflix features programming available in the US only on other services, which also sets a limitation on what the US version of Netflix can stream.

2.) Delay on Content. Unlike a service like Hulu, for example, Netflix does not make new episodes of television series available the day after they air on television. Someone hoping to watch a season which will be available on Netflix will likely need to wait till around 1 or 2 weeks before that following season of the show starts, for Netflix to have that content finally. There is also a period between when the DVD or pay stream of a movie begins, to the time Netflix makes it available. This time gap is usually for several months.

3.) Infrequent Updates. Aside from cranking out massive amounts of original content, the Netflix library does not get updated all that often. Amazon and Hulu get new content on their streaming services more readily, even though they do not have as much volume-wise to offer.

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