Positive and negative impact of cell phones

Positive and Negative Impact of Cell Phones

Cell phones are an essential part of modern life. It is impossible for many even to imagine being without a cellphone for a day. We are dependent on our smartphones for everything. The days of using them solely as communication devices are long gone. Modern phones come standard with some of the most advanced tech possible, allowing us to use them as a map, camera, or even wallet. Because of their universal use, it is perhaps time to take a closer look at the positive and negative impact of cell phones.

Positive and negative impact of cell phones

The Positive Impact of Cell Phones:

  • Information; Cell phones make it possible for you to access and read important information when on the move; this way you should be able to access emails, review excel sheets, check out and even post live events to Facebook, all of which when you are on the move. That’s why cell phones are so useful these days as their multi-functional role helps us keep track of important documents and events in our lives
  • Entertainment: the great part about cell phones is that you can watch all your favorite programs on it even when you are on the move. So if you are a big fan of shameless, you can watch it even if you are commuting to work. You can stream live events and even catch the latest game of packers but do note that most providers would require you to pay a small monthly fee for viewing the same.
  • Research: While the old methods of research, that includes hours of research in a dusty library, still holds true – your smartphone is one powerful research tool that you can utilize to collate information on any particular topic. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and with online access, you should be able to turn your phone into a powerful research tool.
  • Emergencies: Well, these days given the risks that surround us, we should not really be surprised that mobile manufacturers have come up with innovative security features. Some of these include being able to dial emergency number for free as well as for operators to be able t use our phone’s inbuilt GPS to locate us

The negative impact of cell phones:

  • Distraction: Cell phones going off all the time or even the annoying pinging sound are enough to distract the most focused man. That’s why you always make sure that your phone is in the silent mode when working. But let’s assume that your cell phone is in the silent mode and let you check it every few minutes. That means that you are addicted to the same and have a bigger problem.
  • Addiction: Some of us are so addicted to our phones that we cannot even think of going a single day without using the phone. Have you noted how often you keep checking out your phone? If it is more than once an hour or once every half hour, then yes, you do have a problem. You need to visit a therapist at the earliest and he can suggest various exercises by which you can minimize your dependence on your cell phone.
  • Accidents: A large proportion of online accidents are reported to have taken place when the driver of one of the vehicles was on his cell phone, talking to someone when his attention should have been on the road. So please switch off your cell phone when driving.

These are some of the positive and negative impacts of cell phones. And a recent trend shows that some of the underage fatalities that had taken place in the last year took place because they wanted to take a selfie, lost their balance and fell over. Cell phones are an essential part of us but we need to act more responsibly and use them in the right manner possible.

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