Positive and negative impact of electronic media

Electronic media or for that matter media, in general, continue to play an influential role in our society today-careers are made and destroyed, depending on what gets published in the media. Take Kevin Spacey for example, at one point he was the leading Hollywood icon but when stories of him trying to take advantage of underage actors made the rounds, well, that’s the last nail on his career, so as to speak. This only goes on to show you that electronic media can indeed play a pivotal role as it had in the past but it is time that we took a closer look at the same and reviewed the positive and negative impact of electronic media.

Positive and negative impact of electronic media

The positive impact of electronic media:

  • Information: Electronic media is one of the effective methods by which you can disseminate information within seconds. So if you wanted certain information including information about an impending tsunami, then electronic media is your best bet to get that information out there, within a short space of time. That’s why most politicians utilize all forms of electronic media to publicize themselves and to enable them to reach out to brand new voters.
  • Educational: Electronic media provides you with a host of information and certain agencies have started using the same to educate their young students. With the help of electronic media young students can learn more about the news, about the process and how reporters often have to report on it while facing a lot of stress and pressure. Some institutions also feature educational modules based on electronic media which can prove to be invaluable for those seeking to establish a career in the same.
  • Behavioral: various studies have already established that television and other forms of electronic media do continue to influence behavioral patterns in young children. And this can be a positive thing as it helps them to relate to the context and as a result, modify their behavior, As a –parent, you would be required to monitor all their electronic media interaction to ensure that they are not led astray

The negative impact of electronic media:

  • Psychological: Again various studies have established the fact that the more young children are exposed to scenes of gratuitous violence in television programs, the more likely they are, to act it out. And moreover, television, as well as social media, can have a psychological effect on young viewers and cause them to become more reclusive, and to become addicted to select programs. As a result, this can impact their health in the long run.
  • Behavioral: Young children often tend to imagine that television programs are for real and naturally when they see explicit scenes and even violent ones, this can have a direct impact on their behavior. This is why it is important for parents to regulate all forms of electronic media; after all, it is for their own benefit. And remember, all it takes is for one show to alter your little one forever.
  • Health: Being exposed to electronic media 24/7 is not good, not in any sense of the word. For one, binge-watching television programs can impair your vision and even affect your hearing. If that wasn’t enough, you would most likely put on more weight as a result of all that inactivity and this can even play a causative role in you developing diabetes.
  • Social interaction: As a result of being obsessed with electronic media and communication devices, you are more likely to lead a life of a recluse with little or no interaction with others. Soon, you would feel comfortable only when you are sitting in front of your laptop or television which is indicative that you have a major problem.

These are some of the positive and negative impacts of television and other forms of electronic media in our society. This is why we must be on our guard and ensure that our children do not get addicted to the various forms of electronic media from newspapers to androids. You need to carefully monitor your children so that you can be sure that they are watching the right programs, the sort that is educational and nothing gruesome.

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