Positive and negative impact of bullying

Positive and negative impact of bullying

Bullying is something that all of us had gone through at one point or another and there’s a very good reason for why we think that it has an inimical effect on society as a whole. Most schools often had to deal with cases of rampant bullying by one person or one particular group, who often picks on those they perceive as weak and try to subjugate him, and even get him to perform menial tasks. It should also be pointed out that most schools have in-house counselors who are often tasked to curb this tendency in others but with extremely little to show for it. This begs the question, why is bullying continues to thrive in schools, among all demographics and perhaps it is time for us to take a closer look at the positive and negative effects of bullying so that we may better understand it.

Positive and negative impact of bullying

Positive impact of bullying:

Helps make you strong: Bullying does help make you stronger; a recent study clearly highlighted the fact that students who have been bullied constantly soon develop the mental courage they need to stand up to their bully. In a sense, the bully manages to push the other person to take effective measures to bring the act f bullying to a halt. There have even been instances where being bullied often hardened the student to either ignore the bully altogether or grow enough resolve to take him head-on

Self-sufficiency: another positive aspect of bullying is that it forces you to become more self-sufficient; students who have been bullied are often loath to report the same to the authorities in the fear that they would be perceived as weak and as a coward. This is why most students prefer to handle matters on their own rather than bring it to the attention of a third party.

Social interaction: Students, who get bullied often, have great social skills as they are more emphatic as a direct result of all that bullying. This helps them to improve their social skills to no end as they are able to better relate to others like themselves. In fact, in a few cases, the student who has been bullied starts a conversation with his bully and this often results in the formation of a lifelong friendship.

Negative impact of bullying:

Self-esteem: When a student gets bullied one of the first things to get affected is his self-esteem. He s made to feel like he is unworthy and in a few cases, young teens had been egged to take the jump or use other means of committing suicide. This is why there needs to be a permanent stop to bullying, to ensure that our kids are safe.

Confidence: yet another aspect of bullying is that the student often made to feel less confident than before and as a result, he may become more withdrawn, remain a recluse, eat less and spend more time online. If your kid displays these symptoms, then you need to have a heart to heart discussion with him on the same.

Violence: Often outright acts of bullying remain just that, but every now and then these may escalate into violence which is why it is a good idea to seek counseling before that happens. Moreover, violence never solved anything and only causes more violence.

Academics: Often, those who are bullied often find it hard to concentrate on their studies and are not able to focus well either as a result. This often led to a low score and had a direct impact on their academic performance. This can have a serious effect and that’s why it’s important that you take effective measures to both protect yourself and your career.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of bullying; bullying is a serious infraction in most schools and yet it continues to be rampant among most school and college campuses. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you are happy or not. Granted enforcing the rule to prevent bullying can be hard if not next to impossible but with a few effective sessions, teachers can do their bit by educating the young minors as to why they should think twice before bullying anyone.

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