Heal-N-Soothe Review: Pros and Cons, Side Effects and More

As we grow older, we inevitably get out of bed, not feeling our best on some days. Our bones start to ache, our joints feel as if they’re being poked with all sorts of sharp objects, and once simple actions like standing up, sitting down, or bending over now seems like an uphill task. Products like Heal-N-Soothe could be the answer.


Mother Nature’s cure

Heal-N-Soothe is a nutraceutical product based in Glendale, CA, which claims to alleviate joint pain and muscle inflammation symptoms. It’s dubbed “Mother Nature’s Feel Good Formula” and contains extracts taken from 12 all-natural ingredients to promote and maintain your body’s inflammatory system for a healthier mind and body. Here are some Heal-N-Soothe reviews from customers of the product to get started. 

1)   Dorothy Manning, Amazon 5-star review

–       Heal n Soothe is a natural product, and as with any natural medicines, it takes time to get into your system fully. I have serious Rheumatoid Arthritis and was in a wheel chairs (sic) for a year..In fact, it took about 3-4 months taking the maximum dose because of my stage 4 condition of this disease. I am now pain and stiffness free, completely able to continue my work. I am a Christian Biblical Counselor. I thank God for this product 

2)   nmtsaki, Amazon 2-star review

–       Herbal supplements can be good, but this product has a ton of them in there. You have to be careful about what other medications you are taking. I’m on Coumadin (Warfarin), so it is dangerous to take ANY of the ingredients in this product. I’m just warning everyone who may want to try this product, as they have an 18 minute time limit to try their product for “free” ($10 S/H is NOT FREE).

3)   Casablanca, Amazon 1-star review

–       Recently I was diagnosed w/ sciatica and disk compression..Searching the web for sciatica, I found this Heal-n-Soothe product and gave it a try for a couple months. It did NOTHING. Because I was ordering it, they gave a couple exercises to do to stretch the back and leg and I still do them along w/ the ones from the physical therapist. I stopped the pills after two months of no help. But I continued the exercises twice a day and walk at least 2 miles a day and am no longer experiencing any pain. That’s my 2 cents!

Over 440 customers have given Heal-N-Soothe an average rating of 3.9 stars on Amazon, where it is available for purchase. There are numerous reviews of customers claiming that the supplement works and lowers their back pain and joint inflammation. On the other hand, there are also numerous complaints about the product’s effectiveness, the difficulty of refunding their trial & cases of digestive issues when using the product. So it is a mixed bag of reactions in this case. 

Let’s explore the ingredients in Heal-N-Soothe and list down the pros and cons of the supplement so that we can determine if it is right for you.

A closer look at Heal-N-Soothe Ingredients

According to their website, Heal-N-Soothe contains systemic enzymes combined with 12 natural extracts found in Mother Nature to achieve the desired therapeutic relief from pain and inflammation. Let’s explore the Heal-N-Soothe ingredients list below.

Boswellia Extract 150 mg

Boswellia Serrata extract is found in trees in the Middle East and is said to provide anti-inflammatory effects.

Each dose of Heal-N-Soothe contains more Boswellia Extract than is required for anti-inflammatory benefits.

In a clinical study of 60 knee arthritis patients, those treated with 100mg of Boswellia Serrata extract over a 3 month period reported that their joint pain was reduced significantly.

Citrus Bioflavonoids 90 mg

The flavonoids found in vegetables and fruits offer a vast array of health benefits, such as antioxidant effects. 

According to the Heal-N-Soothe ingredients list on their website, Citrus bioflavonoids keeps your joints moving pain-free by supporting healthy cartilage, the main connective tissue in the body that enables the smooth movement between joints.


Bromelain was first discovered in 1957 and has been shown to support healthy immune system response and helps remove damaged tissue from the body. 

It is a natural compound extracted from pineapple. It contains Proteolytic Enzymes to promote and stabilize healthy levels of chemicals responsible for pain in the body.

Ginger Extract 90 mg

For over 2,500 years in Asia, ginger root has been used in both diets and natural medicine. It offers a wide variety of health benefits.

They found that ginger can reduce muscle pain after intense physical activity, promote immune functions, and even fight some forms of cancer.

According to their website, the ginger extract in Heal-N-Soothe works to relieve joint pain by balancing the production of prostaglandins responsible for sending pain messages to your brain.

Mojave Yucca (root) 90 mg

The fruits, seeds, and flowers of the Mojave Yucca are edible and offer benefits that fight arthritis and boost your immunity.

The Yucca root is rich with nutrients and antioxidants that help the body reduce its production of inflammatory toxins.

Turmeric 60 mg

Used by cultures all over the world, the Turmeric spice not only contains suspected antioxidant and anti-inflammatory roles, it also offers weight loss benefits.

The active component of the Turmeric extract, Curcumin, helps regulate inflammation.

Turmeric’s antioxidant properties also support your body’s defense against free radicals.

In a clinical test, Curcumin was proven to inhibit the same enzyme targeted by Aspirin, given its natural pain-killing properties.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 50 mg

The full benefits of ALA are still under investigation, but it is of particular interest to researchers due to its suspected powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In a recent study, ALA was used to treat nerve pain in subjects with diabetes. The results proved that daily 600mg doses for 40-days reduced their diabetic symptoms and improved their quality of life.

Rutin 30 mg

Rutin is a flavonoid that is abundant in apples. Although flavonoids are found in various fruits and plants, Rutin has been shown to use its powerful antioxidant activity to support the body’s natural response to inflammation.

In a study with rats, 15mg/kg doses of Rutin were shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation associated with arthritis. Rutin also demonstrated an ability to slow the effects of age-related bone loss in a laboratory setting. 

While these studies are promising, more human tests are needed to prove Rutin’s ability to treat inflammatory conditions in the human body.

Devil’s Claw Extract 30 mg

The roots of the Devil’s Claw have been used for centuries in Africa due to its time-tested natural defense against pain. It offers relief for joint and muscle pain.

Although the Devil’s Claw extract has been studied to manage arthritis symptoms, the currently available research is not able to give us a definitive answer regarding the safety and efficacy of this extract in the human body.

Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes

These Systemic Enzymes are indicated through research to work throughout your entire body, breaking down excess proteins and eliminating them when they accumulate at the occurrence of irritation, injury, or a burn. 

Systemic Enzymes helps a healthy circulation in the body, helping in effective wound healing and providing a stable immune response.

These enzymes also help in the efficient digestion and absorption of proteins while also eliminating the excess that may accumulate during inflammation episodes.

Compared to a placebo group, those treated with Proteolytic Systemic Enzyme doses around 1000mg over seven days experienced better-wound healing in a recent randomized study.

Given these ingredients listed above, we can conclude that the Heal-N-Soothe contains very potent ingredients and uses effective compounds and extracts from natural ingredients. 

However, a point to note is that these ingredients can just as easily be found separately in nature and that most of the benefits of the extracts above are not backed by comprehensive research that includes human trials, thus you might find yourself asking more questions than getting answers in the long run. Now let us look at the Pros and Cons of Heal-N-Soothe to explore this supplement further.

Now that we know a little more about its ingredients let’s look at a full review of Heal-N-Soothe.

The Pros of Heal-N-Soothe

1. All-natural ingredients and extracts

Heal-N-Soothe is a supplement that mostly consists of 12 powerful extracts found in Mother Nature. No harsh chemicals or any other unnecessary additives are used in this supplement.

2. Not an anti-inflammatory 

Other products marketed as anti-inflammatory only serve to stop the inflammatory response in your body.

As Heal-N-Soothe states in their website, they are not an anti-inflammatory drug but rather an all-natural nutraceutical solution to supporting and balancing a healthy inflammatory response, which has a long-term positive effect on your joints, muscles and overall health.

3. It uses Systemic Enzyme Therapy

Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been used and researched for over 50 years throughout the world in many different countries. Rather than focus on targeted short-term pain relief, Systemic Enzyme Therapy results in a “whole body” experience. 

The Enzymes work as biocatalysts to promote cell health in every system and organ in your body, thus ensuring you stay fit, healthy, and strong.

4. They stand by their products

Heal-N-Soothe are confident in their products and offer a risk-free trial for the first 90 days. If you’re not at all satisfied with the product or if you feel it’s not effective for you after at least trying it for two weeks, they will give a full refund of the price you paid (excluding shipping costs).

The Cons of Heal-N-Soothe

1. The potential side effects

Some potential side effects of Heal-N-Soothe are emphasized on their website. According to them, this product may thin blood and should not be consumed by anyone who has an allergy to pineapples or papaya. It is also noted that pregnant or nursing mothers are discouraged from taking this supplement. 

There have been several reviews up online that describe digestive issues after taking Heal-N-Soothe. These are often mild and go away after discontinuation of the consumption of the product. 

Another possible side effect would be decreased blood pressure, as shown by the website.

2. A complicated return process

If you look online, there are several complaints with regards to the returns process enforced by Heal-N-Soothe. Some customers have expressed concern with the company’s slow refund process after returning their product during their trial, and most have reported paying $10 just for the bottle they have to keep.

3. It is expensive for what it is

As far as health supplements go, Heal-N-Soothe are up there in terms of pricing. At $59 for a month’s supply of supplements and with no significant beneficial ingredient in the supplement (it’s all low doses of the 12 extracts), you might be getting a lot less value for your dollar. 

4. A questionable guarantee policy?

One recent experience of an Amazon customer of Heal-N-Soothe tells us that the company will not refund bottles bought in bulk. After seeing the company advertising a lower price for three bottles, the customer purchased them in bulk. 

She then returned the supplements after experiencing digestive issues linked to the product. However, they only refunded her for one bottle. They told her that Livingwell only reimburses single opened bottles and not bottles bought in a multipack offers.

So now we have explored all about the Heal-N-Soothe product, from the reviews of Heal-N-Soothe, ingredients of Heal-N-Soothe, to the pros and cons of Heal-N-soothe. It is always up to the consumer to do his or her own research and consult as many reputable sources as they can find to gather up as much information as possible before committing to a purchase.

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