Total Restore Review – Benefits, Side Effects, and More

Have you been experiencing increased gassiness, stomach bloat, diarrhea, or constipation? You may have what is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Living like this can dramatically reduce your quality of life. If that’s the case, that explains why you’re seeking a review of a product like Total Restore to alleviate these symptoms.

Total Restore is a supplement manufactured by Gundry MD containing 16 all-natural ingredients designed to solve stomach issues.  

After taking capsules three times a day with meals, some people have reported noticeable improvements in their stomachs. In some cases, these improvements occur in a matter of days.  

Before we take a look at the pros and cons of Total Restore in our review, let’s take a closer look at Leaky Gut Syndrome.  

What is a leaky gut?

Leaky gut can lead to major digestive issues.
Intestines with Gut Bacteria on Blackboard

Scientists know little about leaky gut, but believe its caused by an increase in intestinal permeability. As a result, particles will leak through the intestines into the bloodstream while digesting food. Leakage can lead to inflammation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), allergic reactions, and many other issues.

What causes leaky gut? It is a symptom of conditions like Crohn’s or Celiac disease. When there is no underlying condition, lifestyle can play a significant role. An unhealthy diet or stress is a common trigger for stomach issues.  

We have to stress that you should not start self-medicating if you’re suffering from stomach issues. Schedule an appointment with a doctor. They can set you up on a treatment plan, or refer you to a specialist who will.  

The key is to be patient when trying to figure this out. Leaky gut is a mystery to many doctors, to the point where medical schools don’t even teach it. Only your doctor can recommend Total Restore, so be sure to ask them.  

Total Restore Ingredients: What do they do?

The main ingredients in Gundry MD Total Restore are the following:

  • Wormwood Powder – 50mg
  • Licorice Roots Powder – 54mg
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (MBH) – 86mg
  • Grape Seed Extract – 58mg
  • N-Acetyl- D-Glucosamine (NAG) – 142mg
  • L-Glutamine – 213mg
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder – 50mg
  • Cloves Buds Powder – 17mg
  • Black Pepper Seeds Power – 17mg
  • Grapefruit Seeds Extract – 17mg
  • Zinc L-Carnosine – 10mg
  • Berberine Bark Powder – 3mg
  • Marshmallow Roots Powder – 10mg
  • Organic Fruit – 22mg 
  • Maitake Mushroom Extract – 34mg

Let’s look at some of the effects of the major ingredients in Total Restore.

N-Acetyl- D-Glucosamine (NAG)

NAG is a chemical derived from shellfish shells, though scientists now can synthesize it in labs. It is a common ingredient used to treat osteoarthritis, as well as IBD, Chron’s, and Celiac disease. 

Leaky gut is often a symptom of all three of these disorders, which is why its dose is the 2nd largest in Total Restore.  

Data is still light on its effectiveness, so take it with a grain of salt until we know more.  


L-Glutamine is the most concentrated ingredient in Total Restore. It is a non-essential amino acid produced in the body and also food. Scientists believe that has a role in maintaining digestive health, which is likely why Gundry utilizes it.  

IBS and leaky gut may result from a deficiency of L-Glutamine in the body.  

We must stress again that you check with your doctor before taking Total Restore. L-glutamine can exacerbate kidney and liver disease, as well as some forms of cancer when taken.

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

MBH is an energy source for your body, primarily when your sugar levels are low. One of the goals of Total Restore is to provide you with more energy. Gundry likely included a large amount of MBH to accomplish that.  

Grape Seed Extract

The benefits of grape seed extract are numerous. In this case, its role as an antioxidant is useful in fighting inflammation (one of the side effects of leaky gut). Its ability to reduce blood pressure, reduce cancer risk, and improve brain functionality is just a bonus.

Wormwood Powder

Wormwood powder is famously known for its use in the French liqueur, absinthe. Due to common misconceptions that caused hallucinations and other issues, the United States banned it for close to a century. 

What we’re now learning is that Wormwood Powder has numerous health benefits. Artemisinin, a compound found in Wormwood, is thought to battle inflammation. Thujone, another compound, is an antioxidant that can fight cancer, reduce blood pressure, and also fight inflammation.  

Is Gundry MD Total Restore Effective?

As we mentioned, research into leaky gut syndrome is sparse. There isn’t even a consensus over whether it exists, though evidence does point to at least that fact.  

We know that the ingredients in Total Restore, like L-Glutamine and NAG can be effective treatments for bowel issues. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can help everyone.

Before trying supplements, doctors recommend across the board that you attempt to address the root cause of your bowel issues. Changing your diet or getting diagnosed with the underlying issue will always be the most effective way to treat leaky gut.

Of those who didn’t have other options, many have reported that Total Restore alleviates symptoms like bloating, gassiness, and diarrhea. As a result, they’ve seen marked improvements in their day-to-day lives.

What are the side effects of Total Restore?

It wouldn’t be a fair review of Total Restore if we didn’t discuss potential side effects. Certain ingredients used may cause an allergic reaction and other health problems.

For example, N-Acetyl- D-Glucosamine, which is a primary ingredient, is often derived from shellfish shells. For those with shellfish allergies, this can lead to joint pain, hives, vomiting, and nausea.  

As mentioned before, those with liver disease or kidney disease can experience adverse side effects.

L-Glutamine is also essential for cancer to grow. Without L-glutamine, cancer couldn’t grow. If normal human cells didn’t need it to function as well, we would have had a cure for cancer years ago.  

Alternatively, there are many other ways to get the required amount of L-Glutamine in a non-concentrated form. By merely eating foods like beans that are high in L-Glutamine, you can get what you need.

Grapefruit is another problematic ingredient. It can react poorly with many common medications like certain calcium channel blockers, psychiatric drugs, immunosuppressants, and impotence drugs.

Check with your doctor to see if Total Restore is incompatible with any of your current medications.  

How much does Total Restore cost?

Total Restore’s price varies depending on where you get it. You can find it for between $39.66 – $54.15 on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can get a great deal on bulk orders if you order straight from Gundry MD.

One bottle costs $49.95, three bottles cost $134.85, and six bottles cost $254.70. Any order over $60 gets free shipping.  

Some customers have complained about Gundry MD charging their credit card after their original purchase, so you may be better off ordering as you need them via Amazon.

Total Restore Customer Reviews

On Amazon, Total Restore’s average of 3.9 stars isn’t bad for a supplement like this. Most of the Total Restore reviews show that customers experienced improved digestion very quickly after taking the supplement.  

There are a few bad reviews on there that should potentially make you wary. Some people experienced severe stomach pain or never experienced relief from their stomach issues. 

Take a look at the reviews. They will definitely help you make an informed decision. 

Pros and Cons of Total Restore

Now that we understand how it works let’s break down the pros and cons of Total Restore.


1.) It can be effective in treating bowel issues. As we mentioned before, many who take Total Restore experience less gassiness, bloating, and diarrhea.  

2.) Increases energy and focus.  In addition to ingredients that improve gut health, Total Restore contains several ingredients like Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate to boost energy and focus. Some users even reported that their mood was improving.  

3.) It curbs your appetite.  If an unhealthy diet is a part of your stomach issues, Total Restore purports that it can decrease these unhealthy food cravings. This can potentially result in weight loss and other amazing benefits.

4.) It relieves joint pain.  An intended and beneficial side effect is that it can alleviate joint issues caused by arthritis and other health issues.  

5.) All-natural ingredients.  For the most part, you can find any of the ingredients in Total Restore in nature. Because of that, you know they’re mostly safe to consume barring allergies and other underlying conditions.  

6.) Flexible refund policy. If you try it and don’t like it, Gundry MD does have a 90-day refund policy.


1.) It is expensive.  If you’re trying to address stomach issues with a supplement, you’re likely committing to taking it for a very long time, which will quickly add up. It can cost you close to $750 for a full year of Total Restore. Do your research, because there may be alternatives out there that cost far less. 

2.) Does it even work?  There isn’t any concrete evidence via scientific studies that Total Restore even helps. Those who saw benefits may only be experiencing a placebo effect. For many, the product simply just doesn’t work. Everybody is different, so there will never be the same solution for everyone.  

3.) Gundry MD has concerning BBB reviews.  If you visit the better business bureau online, you may notice some shocking reviews. There are allegations that Gundry MD charges your credit card without your permission. The good news is that if you’d like to try the product, you can get it from additional sources besides Gundry MD.  

4.) Total Restore has some side effects.  Many people experience terrible side effects taking Total Restore, which is why it is vital to consult with your doctor.

What are some alternatives to Total Restore?

Vital Restore may be an alternative to Total restore

If some of what we’ve discussed turns you off to Total Restore, there are a few other supplements that can help you with stomach issues.  

Vital Restore is a cheaper alternative that contains many of the same ingredients as Total Restore.  Pure Therapro Rx is another alternative that comes in powder form if you prefer that. Both of these depend on L-Glutamine to get the same results.

If you need an alternative to L-Glutamine, Lectin Shield is another supplement offered by Gundry MD. It consists of 300 mg of NAD, which is also a primary ingredient in Total Restore.  

Just remember, nothing will be a quick fix. You will likely have more luck with changing your habits. Here are a few strategies to improve digestive health.  

  • Drink less alcohol:  Binge drinking is a significant cause of a leaky gut. Cutting back on alcohol consumption will improve your overall digestive health.  
  • Lower your stress:  Stress and anxiety are leading causes of stomach issues. Find out the cause, and eliminate it from your life.  
  • Nutrient deficiencies:  The root of your stomach issues may be a simple vitamin deficiency. See your nutritionist or doctor and get your diet squared away.  
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs):  Consistently taking NSAIDs such as ibuprofen can lead to stomach issues. Acetaminophen is an alternative if you have chronic pain.  
  • Reduce your sugar intake: Many harmful bacteria depend on sugar to function. Reducing your sugar intake deprives them of the fuel they need to harm your gut.  
  • Take Probiotics: Probiotics are bacteria that can alleviate stomach issues. Do your research and pick the right one for you, as there are many types of probiotics on the market.  

The Verdict

When you dive into online reviews, Gundry MD Total Restore has mixed results. For some, it has been extremely effective in battling leaky gut, while for others, it has not.  

As we understand so little about leaky gut, you should consult with a doctor or nutritionist and get a proper diagnosis. You may discover an underlying condition like Celiac disease, or fixing your problems could be as easy as changing your diet or adjusting your lifestyle. 

For many who have tried all of this and not found relief, we would certainly recommend Total Restore. Anything is worth a shot, and as long as you’re not at risk for the side effects we discussed before, Total Restore is safe. 

Alan Behrens

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