Positive and negative effect of the French Revolution

The French Revolution was seen as a turning point in the entire history of France. It was considered as a crisis event due to its profound impact on France, and the other European countries. This revolution had a lot of importance in the history of mankind. This was the time when the people rose up to fight against ancient, obsolete, exploitative and repressive values, and social order. French Revolution has brought a significant change in all these areas. Though it has resulted in downfall and destruction of economy, but its positive impact outweighed its negative impact.

Positive and negative effect of the French Revolution

Positive effect of the French Revolution

The biggest advantage of the French revolution was that it eliminated monarch and developed democracy in place of it. Civic rights got implemented that granted liberty of worship, speech, press, ownership and association of land. Equality was enforced during that time. This revolution put an end towards social discriminative system. The best part was that nobles were not the only castes to have got the higher rank, the lower class was also treated equally. The idea of equality, democracy and civic rights wasn’t just limited to France, it also spread to various other European nations such as Germany and Italy.

The Declaration “des droits de l’homme et du citoyen” as the “Declaration of rights of women and men” was drawn up. This rule declared equality among all women and men under the law. All citizens were eligible for freedom and the ability to freely express their thoughts. All of them enjoyed the liberty of speech at that period. With the abolishment of the monarchy system, all the powers were now held with the National Assembly. This Assembly reduced the potential of the Church. It brought a complete transformation in the France administrative system and divided into different departments.

The primary purpose of the French Revolution was to track the powers with which the King was adorned with. It laid a few very fundamental rights to them. This revolution established various different rights like the freedom to life, right to speech, liberty of opinion, right to equality. It was considered to be the basic and natural right of the citizens of France.

The period of French Revolution even witnessed several types of social reforms. It was seen that women made active participation in pressurized government and formed clubs to fulfill her demands. Though the struggle was long but it was worth fighting for. The right to vote was granted to French women in the year 1946. In addition to it, slavery also got eliminated in the colonies of France.

The drastic and incredible impact of the French revolution was its spirit. It was believed to be the period of uprising of French people who have been oppressed since several centuries. This was the time known for breaking social barriers which were present before the occurrence of the revolution in the France. The entire struggle of the nation for ideals and cause and the victory infected minds of people all across the globe.

This French Revolution had seen several positive effects too. Some of them were seen as an elimination of the prevalent class system under the monarchy. This system gave preferential and biased treatment under the law and customs to the nobility and clergy. The French Revolution established different types of religious tolerances meant for non-Catholics. Several different legal reforms that included trial by habeas corpus, jury, civil liberties, and free press also got established under Napoleon. This trend continued till the 19th century. This entire French Revolution acted as a source of motivation to revolutionaries present throughout Europe. The success of this revolution brought several liberal reforms to the country.

The principles of French revolution ranges from free speech, to equality, concept of a country, social ideas such as communism, Human Rights, socialism etc. and parliamentary representative democracy. All these got conceptualized or implemented at the time of French Revolution. French Revolution swept the whole Europe at the time of revolutionary wars. It removed old aristocratic class structure and rules and then got it replaced with constitutional monarchies and parliamentary democracies. This brought a radical change of the entire continent in just a single shot. In this way, the French Revolution set as an inspiration for other revolutions too.

Negative effects of the French Revolution

French Revolution witnessed a series of significant gains, but the people of this country had to sacrifice a lot to enjoy these benefits. This revolution resulted in deaths of millions of innocent French public. French revolution was known for the extreme terror, and violence that it created in the minds of people. This revolution has resulted in more than 2 decades of continuous warfare that devastated the entire Europe. It also brought an emperor or dictator “Napolean” to the French throne. The various liberal reforms that got enacted during the period of revolution like abolition of slavery, women’s rights, etc. were not worth the price of human life.

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