Positive and negative effects of machines

This is an era of machine. Machine has attained a high level of priority in this modern era. It has occupied key significance in the common man’s life. Machines offers the best assistance to man in all walks of life. Use of machines are very much useful in industries as they save a lot of time.

It enhances the life of a person. When used properly, innumerable electronic and devices provides a lot of comfort to man. Though there are several benefits of machines, it also has its own share of disadvantages.

Positive and negative effects of machines

Positive effects of machines   

Enhances the quality of life
Living a life without machines is next to impossible. We have all become so dependent on machines. Right from waking up from alarm clock, to taking hot water bath and enjoy a delicious toast sandwich in breakfast made by machine, our day starts with the use of machines.

Machines made it easy for people to travel from one place to another. It has helped people to stay in touch with others at any time. Machines has assisted a lot in making a man civilized and modern.

Improves efficiency in business
Use of machines like computers have automation in the operation of various activities of a business.  Machines comes as an essential instrument to offer considerable assistance to people at each and every step of life. Machines brings accuracy and precision into creating articles. Due to this reason, products are refined and well finished. Whether it is related to head-wear, footwear, or cloth, machines have made things a lot simpler and beautiful.

Unlike manual work, machine work is smooth and free from any roughness and undesired bumps in its appearance. The design is more well-adjusted and refined with the use of machine. The products made with the help of machines are finer and a lot finished as compared to those made using human hand.

Easily perform delicate and heavy work
With machines, you gain an opportunity to perform heavy and delicate work easily. Such type of work can easily tire a person when performed manually. Some of the examples where use of machines is preferred over human use are the places where you need to lift heavy loads.

As this task can’t be possible by human, a crane would help you to lift loads easily. It is not possible for a man to manufacture silk as delicate and fine as the web of a spider. However, it is possible with the help of a machine. Without the assistance of machinery these jobs won’t have been done.

Faster Work:
In the modern age, speed matters a lot in completion of the work. We value machines for the speed at which it works. With the machines, mass production work can also be done in just seconds.

Less strain on human
Machines causes less effort on human muscles. It significantly reduces the work of the laborers. With just pressing of a knob, the machine will begin to work. Thus, machines prove to be a boon to the workers.

Cheaper production
Machinery helps in large-scale of production of goods in just few minutes. It requires less infrastructure and labor to perform the work. In this way it results in manufacture of cheaper goods.

Drawbacks of machines

Sets monotony:

Machines has resulted in monotonous work. Workers only need to perform a few redundant mechanical operations throughout the day. It has resulted in an increase in nervous strain of a person.

Lack of physical work:
In olden times, people have to work a lot to perform different day to day tasks. This used to keep them healthy. Now, with the use of machines, most of the works get done with just a click of a button. Due to lack of physical exercise, chances of obesity and other associated issues have increased.

Lack of skill:
With laborers becoming dependent on machines, it has been seen that craftsman have started losing their skills. The only kind of skill that is required is to execute the machines.

Machines have created a lot of dependency among people. People depend a lot on light and water for satisfactory working of their tasks. A little flaw can disrupt this service and can cause a lot of inconvenience and serious dislocation of one’s normal life.

Industrialization has caused so much destruction of the natural habit. Machines has led to destruction of greener lands. It has disrupted nature and ecological balance. Various factories and industries have set up in the place of lands and adversely impacted the nature.

Machinery has created unemployment because it takes away the effort of several men. In other words, machines have been seen to snatch away livelihood from the common people. Unemployment causes poverty in people and also results in crime in the society.

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