Pros and Cons of BB Cream

Pros and Cons of BB Cream

BB Cream, with the BB signifying Blemish and Balm, is a recently popular type of facial cream on the market. There are a variety of BB creams out there, but they do share certain common traits in their properties as a blemish concealing and skin treating properties. Application of this cream for various skin imperfections, applied at the recommended times carry positively reported effects. As with any product, users should be aware of its positives and potential drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of BB Cream

Pros of BB Cream:

  1. Moisturizes Skin: BB Cream contains cucumber extract properties which have been found to be associated with a wide array of health benefits. The essential makeup of a cucumber is water, and its inherent water-based properties are associated with its incredible ability to moisturize skin. 
  2. Conceals and treats blemishes: One of BB creams’ primary uses is its acting as a foundation. If you distribute it on the skin evenly, a small amount can hide blemishes and many other imperfections. 
  3. It contains anti-aging properties: BB Creams are heavy in Vitamin A, B, and E, all of which have known benefits of reducing oxidative stress on the skin. This antioxidant results in younger, smoother skin.
  4. Helps dry skin heal: These creams contain skin barrier protecting properties. Dry skin is usually the result of damaged or disrupted skin barriers. Among a variety of other botanical extracts, BB Creams contain aloe vera, which has restorative properties. 
  5. Offers a level of UV protection: At times, skin imperfections can be a result of the sun’s effects on the skin. By applying BB creams, the SPF and zinc-oxide properties act as a partial barrier from affecting the skin in negative ways, keeping the UV rays from their damaging effects on the skin.

Cons of BB Cream

  1. Not ideal for acne treatment: While good at concealing skin blemishes and rejuvenation of the look of the skin, this is not a product meant to cure or alleviate acne. If the cream enters the facial pores and clogs them, it might cause irritation, which may result in additional acne. 
  2. Allergic reactions: With so many components making up the creams, there could be something which one’s skin is particularly sensitive to and therefore, could produce a mild or possibly severe allergic reaction on the skin. For example, not everyone can utilize aloe on their skin for allergy reasons, so using BB creams that contain aloe extract would not be a suitable product.
  3. Not all BB Creams have the same level of moisturizer levels: Different creams will have different levels or moisturizing properties, so care needs to be taken that one acquires the cream tailored more to a particular goal. Some creams will potentially moisturize the skin less as they are more concentrated on those particulars which make up the other beneficial uses of the cream.
  4. Not sufficient as sunscreen:  While it is true that these creams contain properties that can protect skin from minor UV damage, these products are not the same thing as sunscreen. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied periodically in heavy sun exposure while putting on more of the cream would not be advisable as it does not absorb into the skin the way that sunscreen does.
  5. Skin tone matching:  There is a variety of skin color matching creams, and most users would likely find one that matches their particular skin tone well. However, some individuals may have distinct skin colors which may not match particularly well with their complexion, and applying a cream would make the cream stand out on their face.
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