Pros and cons of Amberen

Pros and Cons of Amberen

Pros and cons of Amberen

Amberen is a dietary supplement meant to relieve many symptoms associated with menopause. As a woman’s body transitions away from a reproductive age to the next stage, her hypothalamus loses sensitivity to stimuli coming from the body’s organs. As the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling the body’s hormone levels, this results in a hormonal imbalance. Amberen claims to restore the hypothalamus’s ability to maintain proper estrogen levels to help deal with the symptoms caused by the menopausal hormonal imbalance. Research has shown the specific pros and cons of using Amberen. Let’s take a look at what those are:

Pros of Amberen

  1. Useful at any stage of menopause: You can use Amberen at any stage of the menopause process, including pre-menopause, menopause, or the post-menopausal stage.
  2. Enhance hormone production: Amberen claims to naturally stimulate the body’s hormone production to restore the imbalance caused by menopause.
  3. It reduces hot flashes and night sweats: Night sweats are a result of hot flashes, which are the sudden feelings of heat spread throughout mainly the face, neck, and chest regions. These can occur at night and could make it hard to sleep due to discomfort. Amberen helps alleviate these symptoms.
  4. Better sleep: Going along with the reduction of symptoms that sometimes occur in a body’s resting state, Amberen puts the body into a more normal state, allowing for better sleep. In turn, better sleep can help reduce stress, obesity, and other health issues related to sleeplessness.   
  5. Mood improvement: Menopause diminishes Estrogen, one of the hormones associated with mood-boosting (serotonin, dopamine). By restoring a more even estrogen production, other hormones stabilize as well.
  6. All-Natural:   If you prefer all-natural methods of treating non-life threatening health issues, then Amberen is a good bet for you.  

Cons of Amberen

  1. Headaches: As with any changes to the body’s “regular” aging progression, a common side effect is headaches. As the body adjusts to changes, these may diminish within a short period. These could also stem from the MSG ingredient.
  2. Flushing: Some users reported flushing, the temporary reddening of their skin. This could be associated with an allergic reaction to an ingredient in Amberen, or a brief sign of the body’s adjustment.
  3. Nausea:  This is a common symptom of any hormonal alterations or changes in the body. Unlike synthetic hormone production, though Amberen helps generate natural hormone production in the body, it is still an alteration of what the body accepts, causing this symptom.
  4. Weight Gain: Another symptom associated with hormonal changes is that the body may begin retaining weight.
  5. Sweating: Some users have reported experiencing sweating as a side effect of taking Amberen. As with most other side-affects, this has to do with the hormone activity taking place within the body.
  6. Shaky research:  Though many feel better when using Amberen, scientific research isn’t all there yet. There’s no compelling proof that the ingredients in Amberen can reduce moodiness, irritability, mood swings, or sleeplessness.  

The Verdict?

The reviews around Amberen are almost always overwhelmingly positive, and the side-effects are rare. If nothing else works for you, Amberen could be a good option.  

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