Positive and Negative Impact of Communication Technology

We utilize various means and processes of communication technology these days and it is still hard to believe that we used to communicate with just grunts so many hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Since then we had developed various languages, social skills and in the process invented new ways through which we, as well as inanimate objects, can communicate with each other. The spurt in communications technology is indeed a godsend as it enables us to hold important discussions with someone, even if they are located on the other side of the world. But as with everything else, this technology also has a few negative connotations some of which are covered below. It is time that we took a closer look at it all.

Positive and negative impact of communication technology

Positive Impacts of Communication Technology

  • Faster communication: With current technology, we are able to chat, skype or even video call a person located thousands of miles away. One of the main advantages of communications technology is the fact that we are able to reach out to others be it other vendors, customers, friends or even relatives in a matter of seconds. We are able to convey our points of view in a succinct manner sans any distortion and are able to make them understand the same. This is quite handy especially when you are running a business and trying to reach your customers.
  • Track all communication: Thanks to the advances in the field of communications technology, we can now access detailed log notes, find out whom we called and even recall what we had discussed so that we do not forget the salient points. Having the communications log handy can help you remember the important points, and if you are on the point of closing a deal, then it can well help you recall the pivotal points of the discussion you had earlier.
  • Work culture: Thanks to these advances, the work culture has undergone a transformation; people nowadays use their phone’s internet connection to stay logged in at all times, and essentially, they can now work from any place in the world. Thanks to these advances and the fact that they can stay connected have given rise to a new workforce, the mobile workforce where the employees either work from the comfort of their own homes or from another location altogether. Communications technology has certainly made life easier for many, especially for those who had to telecommute long distances to work.

Negative Impacts of Communications Technology

  • Non-social life: Given the fact that most of the interactions take place online and not face to face, this can prevent a person from being socially active and forming a new relationship with others. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle will soon take a toll in the sense that the concerned person may become overweight; develop diabetes as well as a host of other conditions. It is important that one keeps somewhat active during the day but that is easier said than done. In fact, a disturbing trend has arisen which shows that a high proportion of software programmers are inherently diabetic.
  • Informal communication: Since people use emails for both official and unofficial communication, the standard has somewhat come down in the last decade. A sense of informality has crept into the workplace and any attempt at formality may be considered to be asinine or even a joke. People are more liable to respond to informal emails than they would to formal ones.
  • Addictive: Some of the social media sites can prove to be addictive like online gaming; it can be hard to determine if a person is addicted to a particular platform or game but if they are planning on staying online for hours at end, then chances are high that they are indeed addicted. The only way to get out of this addiction is to go cold turkey and a two-week vacation at a local rehab. It can often be hard to get the affected person to admit that they have a problem but with an intervention by loved ones and friends, they should be able to do just that.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of communications technology. We have indeed travelled a long distance to get to this point but the one thing that we need to understand that anything in excess is not good for you.

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