Positive and negative effects of YouTube

Positive and negative effects of YouTube

Ever since YouTube made its first appearance, it certainly seems to have taken off, with more subscribers sharing their high-resolution videos, concerts and the list goes on. A recent study had pointed out the fact that consumers are more likely to be influenced by videos than text. Given this, more subscribers have started using YouTube as a marketing channel and given the large audience base, perhaps it is time that we took a closer look at some of the positive and negative effects of YouTube as well as the long-term impact on people at large.

Positive and negative effects of YouTube

Positive effects of Youtube:

  • Easy to upload and watch videos: While a few ads are permitted to run at the start of some of the videos, the fact is that YouTube comes with an easy interface which makes it easy to upload and watch videos. Moreover, with YouTube, you can always look forward to instant upload in real time with various options being provided for resolution as well.
  • It contains a vast amount of videos in any genre: This is but natural; seeing that YouTube has a large consumer base, it is to be expected that it would also contain a large number of videos in most niches and they do. Most of the videos are exceptional, they managed to catch the attention of most of the audience and stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Business opportunities: As mentioned earlier, YouTube is not just a video sharing channel as some of the users have already tried to monetize their videos. The more people watch their videos, the more they get to earn. While it is true that the rate differs somewhat, the fact is that YouTube has made it possible for anyone to upload videos and make money online.
  • Information: Similar to other websites like Wikipedia, YouTube has certainly grown big for its own birches. From being a video sharing website, it has certainly transformed itself into a source of valuable information. There are news feeds that many uses to check up on what’s happening around them and more.

Negative effects  of Youtube:

  • Misleading information: Videos posted on sites like YouTube are rarely vetted until much later and by then, the damage is already done. Videos containing real-life gratuitous violence and even sex are certainly not allowed on this platform and yet, despite this, several users post videos on the same niche which makes it all the more difficult just to see how YouTube is planning to handle this.
  • Legal/copyright issues: When you post a video online, on sites like YouTube, it becomes the property of everyone. In other words, it is in the public domain and others can download it and even reuse the video for there is nothing to prevent them from doing so. If they should attempt to do so, you can file a suit against them and in all probability, YouTube will get dragged in as well. The point is that this is but one of the several breaches of copyright issue that YouTube is currently facing at the moment, with no end in sight.
  • Content promoting hate or violence: This is sad but true; of late, YouTube or rather its users are generating a lot of buzz by uploading content that promotes hate or violence. Such videos usually get uploaded a few months before some election or the other. The fact is that the said video has the power to influence so many, and there is not much that YouTube can do to prevent the same is dangerous and serious enough.
  • Minor and parental consent: It has been discovered by YouTube that some of its users, minors especially, are uploading content directly onto the platform. It has been determined that some of the content uploaded is being done so without the consent of parents. This poses a problem for both YouTube and the associated minors, which is why YouTube may be updating their terms of service page at the earliest.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of YouTube which is why it is important to take a real close look at the same. YouTube is an important channel that tends to engage its users with its videos and whether the video in question is a music video or an ad, it still has the power to influence so many.

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