Positive and negative effects of digital life

Positive and negative effects of digital life

Digitalization is referred as the incorporation of digital technologies in everyday life. In the current age, each and every part of our daily life is now linked to technology. With better facilities and luxuries, our life has become a lot better and simple. Digitalization is not just limited to one particular sector. Different industries and societies are building new technologies as per their requirements. Technology has brought a big change in how we used to accomplish our day to day tasks in earlier days. It has affected overall economy, culture as well as living standards. As every advancement brings its share of pros and cons, same is the case with digitalization. There are both positive and negative benefits of it. Let us see each of them one by one.

Positive and negative effects of digital life

Positive effects of digital life

Technology has a significant influence in our day to day operation. We are so habitual of using the benefits of it, then we can’t imagine a life without it. Whether it is telephone, water, electricity or transport, technology has made its contribution everywhere. Technology has a greater effect on the fundamental characteristics of cultures that includes laws, art, language, mobility, health care, religion and education.

  • Technological advancements have significantly improved our living standards. People are earning good, feeding better, dressing better and enjoying a comfortable life.
  • Enhanced technological developments in the field of medicine has enabled doctors with latest technological equipment that offer quick and precise detection of the illness. This helps in treating an ailment at the early stage. Video conferencing has enabled doctors to treat patients in a virtual environment.
  • Technology is also advantageous in law field, where judges can communicate with criminals who are not permitted to enter into the court premises due to security issues.
  • Mobile is another major benefit of digitalization. With it, one can easily talk to relatives and friends no matter how far they are.
  • Internet has greatly benefitted people especially rural public to take online courses.
  • People who find it difficult to take industry level courses in their village, can avail the same course from the convenience of their home.
  • Aviation technology has helped us to reach to distant cities in just a few hours which otherwise would take days to travel.
  • Digitalization has connected underserved and unreached rural people to make it easier for them to access technological services.
  • Adoption of digitalization has assisted banks to offer enhanced level of customer services. Cashless transactions not just provide convenience to customers but also saves their valuable time. It has reduced human errors to a great extent and build customer loyalty.
  • Social networking has helped people to connect with their old and existing friends, and relatives and share information with them in just a few milliseconds.
  • Digitalization in agriculture has made it possible to meet varying requirements of food of people throughout the globe.

Negative effects of digital life

Technology has become so much essential that people can’t imagine their life without it. Use of technology can serve as an advantage or disadvantage, based on the way how the user uses it. When it is used judiciously, it comes to as an advantage, but when it is used extensively or without any purpose / leisure, then it definitely leads to a disadvantage. Many people have become addicted to using technologies that has made them overly dependent on it. Improper use of it leads to its abuse that results in causing a variety of safety and health consequences.

  • Every advancement of technology has resulted in creative destruction. Television has adversely impacted the minds of children.
  • Use of synthetic fibers has negatively affected the cotton fibers.
  • As most of the things are automated nowadays, technology has reduced the need of manual work in organizations. This has increased the rate of unemployment.
  • With the growing online financial transactions, the possibility of cybercrime and frauds have also increased.
  • Now more than more nations have come up with a wide range of nuclear weapons, missiles, and bombs to maintain security.
  • In place of giving personal attention and care to close ones, we now fulfill our duties by sending a sms or making a call.
  • Children are more and more addicted to television, online games, and social networking websites etc. Their engagement in physical activities has reduced to a considerable extent.
  • The cases of misusing of personal information and photos on social media has increased.
  • Introduction of aviation technology is posing health issues for workers and resulting in acute environmental threat.
  • Heavy use of fertilizers has badly impacted the soil. Due to which it loses its natural fertility and leads to an extinction of various varieties of plants.
  • Automobile technology, that benefitted the commutation of people has become a major reason for growing air pollution in the nation.


Digitalization is like the two sides of coin that gives positive as well as negative effects. It is in our hands to decide how to use it in the right way. It is important to remember that we must use it for the conservation of resources and not its exploitation. If each one of us do it in this way, then we can save our planet from the negative influence of technology and make world a safer place for present as well as future generations.

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