8 Pros and Cons of Revitive

If you’ve ever suffered from any foot pain or discomfort, then you’ve probably heard of Revitive Medic – a technologically innovative medical device specifically designed to reduce foot pain, particularly those suffering from diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Many have said that by using it regularly, they’ve been able to manage symptoms of foot pain. But are there pros and cons to consider before you buy your Revitive device? 

pros and cons of using revitive

Pros of Using Revititive

1.) Very easy to use. Revitive has been designed for almost anyone, allowing them to use the device quickly and safely at home. With so many different settings to choose from, you can easily customize it to meet your own needs and comfort level. 

Using it is as simple as sitting down in a comfortable spot, placing your feet on the device’s footpads, and turning it on to the desired intensity. After use, you to safely tuck it away in the closet or under your couch.  

2.) Lightweight and portable. Unlike some forms of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) devices on the market, Revitive is very lightweight and compact. You can easily tuck it away in a storage area until the next time it’s needed. 

3.) Safe to use every day. Revitive is an FDA-approved’ Class II Medical Device,’ and it uses prescription-strength technology explicitly developed by medical specialists to do its job effectively. These two assurances alone should give users peace of mind that it is a safe device. Not only that, but there’s no restriction on using it every day.  

You don’t have to worry about the electrical impulses being generated from the device as they are entirely safe for human beings. However, experts have recommended avoiding it if you have a cardiac pacemaker, you’re pregnant, you are using an implanted defibrillator, or you’re getting treatment for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) – as the electrical impulses can interfere with all of the above. 

4.) Reduces puffy ankles and foot pain: People with puffy ankles and swollen feet have reported reduced pain and discomfort after using Revitive, owing to improved circulation. Many had also reported finding relief from cramps around the feet and lower legs when they used the device before going to bed. 

Cons of using Revititive

1.) It’s not a miracle device. While Revitive has been effective in reducing swollen feet and ankles, you shouldn’t view it as a “miracle medical device” that can cure everyone’s symptoms. If your pain is too intense, see your doctor.  

2.) You can’t cure most circulatory problems permanently.  While Revitive can improve circulation to reduce painful feet, calves, and ankles, it will not cure circulatory issues permanently, but rather relieve some of the associated symptoms temporarily. 

3.) Some users need a high-intensity setting.  Some users have reported that they had to use higher-intensity settings to feel any of the pain-relieving effects, which often meant having to endure a certain level of discomfort to relieve pain. 

4.) Expensive option for some.  Some users may have to weigh in the cost before using Revitive as it can cost anywhere between $200- $400, which may or may not include shipping.  

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  1. Is this device noisy and loud when in use? Everything I have purchased so far is. Noise level on each devise I have is very annoying.


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