Pros and Cons of Blink Health

Blink Health, a popular online company, is loved by many and for a good reason: it negotiates better rates with pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to pass on better prices for prescription drugs to the end-user. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Are there pros and cons to consider? Certainly! 

Favorably lower prices

Probably the most significant advantage of using Blink Health is the fact that you can buy prescription drugs at reasonably lower prices – very useful if you’re going to be on a specific prescription for a while. 

No additional fees for the service

Blink Health services do not require any payment to use. There are no commitments required on the user’s part at all. You either choose to use or not use Blink. 

Easy online payments

Customers can choose from a variety of natural payment methods online – which is the most common way for the majority of Blink customers to pay for services. 

Home delivery option

This especially is a great benefit because those who cannot travel to a pharmacy can have the drugs delivered right to their doorstep.

Pick up facilities

After placing an order online, you can conveniently pick up your medication from local pharmacies that work with Blink Health, making prescription drugs readily available to a broad audience. 

It’s convenient

The order printout you get from Blink Health is your ticket to bypassing exorbitant drug prices. All you have to do is show the printout at the pharmacy and enjoy the price discount. 

Customer service isn’t the best

Blink Health has been known to have a generally unresponsive customer service staff. Many have said that customer service is incapable of solving complaints, with customers jumping through hoops on many occasions. 

Drugs not available after payment 

There have been many reported instances of customers paying for their medication online, only to go down to the designated pharmacy and discover that the drug is not available. Furthermore, in such cases, a money-back guarantee is not offered either. 

Home delivery/shipping orders not received

Many Blink Health customers have also complained of not receiving their shipment after placing an order online. One would think that a reputable company like Blink Health could easily handle issues like these promptly, but they often don’t. 

No refunds

Whether your shipment is not delivered or the medication you paid for is unavailable at the designated pharmacy, you do not get a ‘money-back’ guarantee. 

A doctor’s prescription is still required

Blink does not process orders where a doctor’s prescription has not been presented. This can be very cumbersome for people who must get a prescription from their doctor every time they want to buy medicine at a Blink pharmacy.

Not all medicines are covered 

Even though Blink gives its users access to a broad range of drugs and prescription drugs, this does not include all medications for well-known conditions. 

Alan Behrens

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