Pros and cons of a Macbook Air

Pros and Cons of A Macbook Air

Within the last five years, the MacBook Air has been one of the premier products offered by Apple and has been one of their highest selling laptops. This is a machine that is tailor-made for students, as well as for professionals in an office environment. The consumers received it well it, but as with all things, there are some drawbacks to this machine. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of a MacBook Air.

Pros and cons of a Macbook Air
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Pros of a Macbook Air

●     Extremely light. The MacBook Air is extremely portable as it weighs just a mere 1.35 kgs for the larger, 13-inch model. People in an environment that requires them to pick up and move their computers often (students, office personnel moving from one place to another with their laptop) generally regard this as a massive upside to their machine.

●     Great sound. Surpassing its last model, the MacBook Air has bass friendly speakers with a much fuller sound, coming in with about 25% fuller volume.

●     Amazing retina display. One of the best in the laptop world, MacBook Air boasts a stunning retina display which features high pixel density, wider viewing angles, and superb color reproduction.

●     TouchID. While this is not the only computer to have a TouchId pad for security, it’s a great feature. It can be used as a security measure not just to protect access to your computer, but the thumb equivalent of your password will let you be the only one to access certain documents and settings on the machine.

●     Loaded with useful apps. Unlike some computers that come preinstalled with a collection of applications that most users will never use, practical applications come preloaded on the MacBook Air that most users who get this type of machine likely would use. This includes Calendar, Maps, IMovie (video editing app), Safari browser, Keynote, and Facetime.

●     All-day battery life. One of the most durable battery life features on the market. The MacBook Air boasts a battery backup ranging in the 12-13 range.

Cons of Macbook Air

●     Limited storage capacity. The computer comes with only 128GB of storage capacity for both the 11 and 13-inch models. These models can run the macOS or Windows, but installing another operating system would eat away at the already minimal free space.

●     Not well suited for the resource-intensive activity. The MacBook Air is excellent for on the go office productivity, and for portability used by students. While it can handle minor video editing or music projects, this machine falls short in the realm of gaming and advanced video editing.

●     Limited hardware upgrade options. The processor and memory components are soldered together on just a single circuit board, leaving nearly no room for a type of hardware upgrades. While most Windows machines allow some degree of customization, The MacBook Air laptops are more of a “what you get is what you have” type of product.

●     High price. By comparison to other laptops similar in nature to the MacBook Air, the base model in 2020 can cost anywhere between $999 and $1100. Considering some of the drawbacks, the buyer needs to give it some serious consideration as to whether this is a “best bang for your buck” deal depending on the buyer’s needs.

●     Slow performance. A slew of lower-priced computers end up clocking at better speeds than the MacBook Air. However, this points back to the machine’s intended usage. It can perform standard tasks that would be used by a student or in an office environment smoothly and efficiently. Anything more than the basics, however, the performance notably degrades.

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