Positive and negative impact of love

Positive and Negative Impact of Love

Love makes the world go round; love for one other, the love we profess towards our family and friends, or even love for ourselves. When it comes to defining this love, we often find it hard to do so in simple terms. But it is a powerful motivator one that can affect us both physically and emotionally. It underscores all the relationships that we form in the course of our natural lives but it comes with its own baggage. This is why we need to take a closer look at some of the positive and negative effects of love.

Positive and negative impact of love

Positive impact of love:

Health: Various studies have indicated that loving someone or having someone to love can help contribute to good health. Each time you express your love to that person, your brain release serotonin which is a feel-good hormone. So yes, with more love to go around, your health is bound to improve over the long run.

Personal ties: love can help you form close personal bonds with others; as a species, we happen to be quite sociable and often form various relationships in the course of a single lifetime. And that’s why love or feelings of deep mutual affection that you share with others can help you cement that relationship and even help make it permanent.

Relationships: Love can help cement relationships and this is one of the reasons why most married couples are advised to renew their vows after a certain period to affirm their love for each other.

Negative impact of love:

Depression: love is a powerful feeling, one that can make you feel as if you were floating on air and in case of unrequited love; it can push you into a deep depression. Love, surprisingly is one of the main causative factors behind many young suicides and yes love can be fickle and cruel but that’s just characterization. The fact of the matter is that love is a powerful emotion and one that impacts nearly every fiber of your being, so naturally, with unrequited love, you may run the risk of becoming clinically depressed.

Stress: Love has also been known to cause stress, especially during the early moments in a relationship. As most couples start a new relationship, they often face stress as each tries to adjust to the other person in the living room, in the bedroom and in their very lives. Sometimes the stress can even cause the relationship to falter and break apart. Similarly, unrequited love can cause you to experience high stress.

Suicides: Several young men and women commit suicide because of love; the reasons could vary from unrequited love to being cheated or betrayed by a loved one. This often causes others to experience hopelessness, a feeling of shock and despair as if life no longer holds any meaning. This is why the number of love suicides keeps jumping up each year with nary an end in sight.

Psychological effects: Love is a profound feeling, one that can even help alter your brain chemistry. So to claim that love can affect one’s mental health would indeed be an understatement. Love can literally make a person go mad; often when one person loses the love of his life, the same emotion can drive him stark raving mad. Experiencing the short end of the stick as far as love is concerned – from the end of a relationship to unrequited love, can cause you to experience a whole range of negative emotions, stemming from depression to a loss of self-esteem. All of these can affect you psychologically and even impair your cognitive abilities.

Love is not a bed of roses – that’s an idealized version and in reality, we often have to make sacrifices to help foster that love that we have for each other. Love does come with positive and negative effects, but what is important is that we realize how critical love is and why we need it all the more today than ever before. Irrespective of the negative effects that it comes with, love is just something that we cannot all go without which is why it is up to each one of to go the extra mile to help persevere the same.

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