The Impact of Electricity

In 1752, Benjamin flew a kite and discovered electricity. Ever since that day, human life has undergone a massive transformation. Today we use electricity in almost aspect of our life. Without electricity, society would crumble and the world would be consumed by chaos. Though the positives are clear, there are many negative impacts of electricity that are worth discussing.

Positive and negative impact of electricity

Positive Impact of Electricity

Mass production

Electricity was a boon as it helped the US and other allied countries to mass produce several items within a short space of time during both the First World War and the Second World War. In fact, without electricity, it would have been hard for any nation to meet the various demands of its army in terms of food and essential supplies. These early industries enabled several others to set up shop towards the end of the war and as a result, retailing underwent a revolution of sorts. It was now possible to mass produce several items including gourmet items which would not have been possible without electricity.


With steam-powered engines kick-starting the industrial revolution; it was the advent of electricity and its commercialization that speeded it up during the late 19th This resulted in establishing several industries, specializing in one particular item or line of items to meet the current demand. Soon, electricity began to power these industries and these firms were able to mass produce several items to the point that they soon exported the same to several locations all over the world and even competed effectively with manufacturers from half a world away.


One cannot argue the fact that electricity has indeed made everything convenient for us – from lighting fixtures for which we have to thank Edison for electrically powered appliances which enable us to prep any dish in a matter of minutes. So the next time you are blitzing something in the kitchen, you may want to consider the same.


Electricity has also been used widely to communicate signals between two machines often in alphanumeric codes or in binary ones. One could say that electricity forms the backbone of all communication on earth and plays an essential role in how we communicate with each other.

Negative Impact of Electricity:


Electricity can be fatal in its raw form. Since its commercialization, it has caused at least 400 deaths and over 3,000 injuries per year in the US alone. you need to be extremely careful when handling electricity or you could find yourself at the short end of the stick in more ways than one.

Environmental Impact

While solar power is more preferable, most of the electricity generated is done by burning fossil fuels such as coal. And this has resulted in the emission of greenhouse gases, and global warming which now looms large as a threat. The sooner we all migrate to clean power such as the sort generated by solar energy and nuclear energy, the better off we would all be.


One of the negative uses of electricity that is still being utilized today is the electric chair. Several states across the US still enforce death penalty by electrocution and as a result, several convicts are electrocuted each year. This seems to be a mockery of every human value we stand for but the reality is that the electric chair is still functional and continues to operate in several prisons across the US

These are some of the positive and negative effects of electricity and how it helped change our very society overnight. It is because of electricity that we are able to enjoy several privileges and would continue to do so for a while until a better form of energy is discovered. Electricity, on the whole, is extremely beneficial for us and given the various risks associated with the same, we should always wear protective clothing when checking the circuits. A better idea would be to call in the professionals and let them handle it.

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