Positive and Negative Effect of Admission Standards

College admissions procedure is a very important aspect of the journey of a teenager to his/her adulthood. Where the process of application to college is thrilling, it can also be taxing for a lot of students. Various teenagers have been seen to spend a lot of their precious high-school years in preparing for their college admissions procedure. Though students are working hard towards making themselves accepted by the college admission criteria, norms and regulations, they are sometimes adversely affected by the admissions requirements.

Positive and negative effect of admission standards

Positive impact of admission standards

Fair selection process

The present-day admission process is very transparent and fair. It favors competency over anything else. Selection is on the basis of the score secured by the candidate in their high school. The person who is meritorious will be considered over the rest. So, this presents the real challenge of displaying talent and skills to the selection committee.  The most competitive candidates will be admitted by the college irrespective of their high school, zip code, state and county.


The modern-day college admission standard is not partial. It treats everyone with equality. There is no quota system. Students belonging to any caste or creed will be treated equally and judged on the basis of their competency level. This is beneficial for all talented and hard-working students as they are sure to get meticulous and deliberate consideration by the college.


The current college standard is not rigid. It is flexible and can accommodate any last-minute changes in the details of the applicant. It is seen to be labor intensive. All possible admissions decisions and arrangements can be made that are in the best interest of the student.

Encourage students with learning disability

Present college admission standards are lenient towards student with learning disabilities. There is a special and dedicated place for these students. To encourage them to pursue their studies, colleges grants relaxation to them in the form of grades. It has been seen that families, in order to prevent rejection of their child, hide their disabilities from the admission authority. Infact, by highlighting disabilities at the time of filling college applications can enhance their chances of admission. It can also give them a rebate in college fee too. This is done to encourage the efforts of such special needs students and does not want them to get deprived of education.  Admission panel understands that they may not be able to compete with normal students so grants them a little rebate in areas of fee and grade.

Negative impact of admission standards

Favors Wealthy

Present-day college admission standards are designed to favor rich and affluent people. The current practices seen in college admission benefits deep-pocketed families. This idea should be abandoned. There is a concept of donation seats that is prevalent in modern colleges. It encourages rich people to use wealth to secure seats for their children and thereby depriving the talented ones from pursuing it.

Teenager Fatigue

The increasing expectation to achieve excellence in academics and the expansion of interests and skills has got overwhelming for several students. To make their resume impressive, students are often seen to spend a lot of time in attending coaching classes, performing community service, playing sports, and staying late for exam preparation. The high expectations of modern college standards result in stress and sleep deprivation in students.

Extra Pressure

The college admissions procedure has been seen to induce inferiority complex in students. It forces candidates to deal with shame, privacy attack and unwanted advice brought by external influences like administration, their peers and admissions boards. The over competitive environment causes teenagers to doubt about their abilities, that adversely impacts their self-esteem.


High school serves as a competitive training period for most of the students, the entire college admissions procedure adversely affects the learning experience of a student. They start to believe in the theory “survival of the fittest”. Such mentality badly impacts the quality of a high school experience.

Status Mindset

Students work day and night to fulfill the admission requirements of reputed universities. They admire these universities due to the expectation of social status that they are going to enjoy and respected career in which they would enter.

Due to this reason, they often overlook universities that are more suited to the field in which they want to pursue their career. Thus, their decisions are made solely on the basis of the status, instead of their abilities and intrinsic interests.


Getting admitted to recognized universities boost self-esteem and infuse superiority feelings in them. It also negatively impacts their capability to be empathetic and compassionate for people with diverse backgrounds.

Alan Behrens

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