The Finalists of the 2021 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich announced its top photos for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest. From marvelous spiral galaxies to the Northern Lights, these finalist images are a fantastic window into the world of astronomy.

The winner will be announced in September and win a £10,000 cash prize. There are many categories like People and Space, Our Sun, Aurorae, Galaxies, and the Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year.  

This shortlist of potential winners will illuminate you on how much there is to see in our universe. You’ll see images rooted on Earth, and some, like Damian Peach’s amazing photo of Saturn, will take you deep into space. These finalists are from across the globe and include famous names like Andrew McCarthy, who is renowned for his amazing astrophotography.

Let’s take a look at some of the finalists for Astronomy Photographer of the Year.  

Astronomy Finalists

Benjamin Barakat (UK), “Château de Chambord”

Kush Chandaria (UK), “The Soul of Space (Close-up of the Soul Nebula)”

Damian Peach (UK), “Saturn at its Best”

Yang Sutie, “Star Watcher”

Andrew McCarthy (USA), “The Magnetic Field of our Active Sun”

Steven Mohr (Australia), “NGC 2024 – Flame Nebula”

Jashanpreet Singh Dingra (India), “Pleiades Sisters”

Antoni Cladera Barceló (Spain), “The Star Observer”

Ivan Vucetic (Croatia), “Dugi Otok – Variant A”

Bernard Miller (USA), “NGC 3981”

Siu Fone Tang (USA), “Sunspot Looking out into Space”

Jiajun Hua (China), “Sunrise of the Magic City”

Larryn Rae (New Zealand), “Iceland Vortex”

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Alan Behrens

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