The 2021 Winners of the Minimalist Photography Awards

The Minimalist Photography Awards are back for their third year and just announced their 2021 winners. This contest is open to amateur and professional photographers and received 37,000 submissions from 39 countries across 12 categories. With the goal of exposing talented photographers to the world, a panel of five judges decide the first, second, and third place winners for each category. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s amazing winners.

Minimilast Photography Award Winners

Daniel Dencescu. “Murmurations.” 1st Place, Abstract Photographer Of The Year.

Guido Klumpe. “Hidden Connections.” 2nd Place

Svetlana Smirnova. “Primitives.” 3rd Place

Brad Walls. “Pools from above” 1st Place, Aerial

Gysel Fernandini. “Swimming Pool, Barcelona 2019” 2nd Place, Aerial

Sandra Herber. “North Dakota Winter” 1st Place, Architecture

Alessandro Gallo, “The Cube and Silence” 2nd Place, Architecture

Max Morawski, “Regional Command Centre, Ziy” 3rd Place, Architecture

Anna Belozerova, “It is not what it seems” 2nd Place, Conceptual

Timo Lemmetti, “Repel” 3rd Place, Conceptual

Rosario Civello, “Tree In A Square” 1st Place, Landscape

Ricardo Cuartero, “Camino” 2nd Place, Landscape

Pierre Pellegrini, “Imperceptible Tensions” 3rd Place, Landscape

Vera Conley, “Signal” 1st Place, Long Exposure

Sebastian Raabe, “Stranded” 2nd Place, Long Exposure

Michael Richard, “Niemeyer Centro Avilés” 3rd Place, Long Exposure

Mihail Minkov, “Reflection” 1st Place, Night

Thom Middlebrook, “Night Tree” 2nd Place, Night

Grace Ho, “Starry Night” 3rd Place, Night

Liz Barker, “Hidden In Plain Sight” 1st Place, Open

Jan Prengel, “Past Times” 2nd Place, Open

G.B. Smith, “Rounded” 3rd Place, Open

Francisco Riquelme-Montecinos, “Toronto 100Variety” 1st Place, Photomanipulation

Francisco Riquelme-Montecinos, “Reconstruction of Augustus Bridge in Dresden” 2nd Place, Photomanipulation

Gustav Willeit, “Persepe” 3rd Place, Photomanipulation

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Alan Behrens

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