11 of the Weirdest SpongeBob Fan Theories

I used to sit and watch children’s cartoons with my son. Most of the time, I would feign enjoyment, except when it came to one particular show. I’m talking about SpongeBob SquarePants, of course.  

I confess, even now, I think I could quite happily sit and enjoy an episode or two of this marvelously original show. I’m glad to say I’m not alone; this was one of these shows that crossed generational boundaries and appealed to a wide range of ages. 

As with most things, some people just took it too far. This article is going to take a look at some downright wacky SpongeBob fan theories. 

So. If you are like me and secretly enjoy this children’s cartoon and want to feel a little less embarrassed by telling yourself, ‘at least I don’t think that!’ read on for some weird SpongeBob fan theories.

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1. The Cartoon is meant to be a Representation of Nazi Germany

Of course, it is. I’m sure we’ve all thought that, haven’t we? 

Well, just in case you haven’t let me explain. Obviously, Squidward, with his inferiority complex, is Hitler. Like Hitler, he is also a failed artist. His constant harassment of SpongeBob has been likened to the persecution of the Jews. This leaves SpongeBob as the representation of the Jewish people so far. 

With me so far? It gets weirder.

Patrick, laid back and docile, represents the German people as they let Hitler trample all over them. 

Mr. Krabs is the rest of Europe. He shouts a lot and makes many vague threats, but ultimately is just a bag of hot air. 

Finally, Sandy Cheeks is the outsider, representing America as she tries to free SpongeBob from Squidward’s tyranny.

All very Plausible.

2. SpongeBob Lives in the remnants of a Tikki Bar

This is one of the less outlandish of the SpongeBob fan theories.

This one appeared on Reddit and ties in the facts that Tikki bars are usually associated with coconuts, pineapples, Tikki heads, and the like. SpongeBob and Squidward’s house happens to look like these items. If you put these facts together, then it follows that a cruise ship sank and SpongeBob and Squidward set up home in the remains of a Tikki bar.

3. SpongeBob suffers from PTSD

Poor SpongeBob, no wonder he’s got PTSD after what he went through with Hitler. 

Wise and venerable people have noted that SpongeBob’s behavior shows similar patterns to veterans who have PTSD. His behavior has been described as bordering on OCD. He always gets up at the same time each day, and he always wears the same clothes. Apparently, veterans do this too! So, it must be true.

But just in case you’re still not convinced, there’s more. This weird SpongeBob fan theory also asserts that SpongeBob is a veteran. 

He addresses his boss with military “Yes Sir!” and he frequently salutes. Well, that has me convinced. 

4. Krabby Patties are Vegan

Where to begin? There are people out there discussing the recipe of a cartoon character’s cartoon patty says something about this cartoon’s power. 

The theory is that Mr. Krabs has created fake crab meat from purely vegan ingredients. Hence, no customers in the Krusty Krab are eating their brethren. 

As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is a non-starter, but guess what? Here’s another one!

5. Krabby Patties are made from crab

This theory gives off some real Soylent Green vibes. Some people theorize that Mr. Krabs’ Krabby Patties are made out of crab, making him a cannibal. It makes sense when you realize that there are no crabs in Bikini Bottom besides Mr. Krabs, and his wife is conveniently missing from the picture. 

6. All the main characters are on different drugs

Another theory is that the characters on taking different drugs. 

For example, Patrick is slow and docile, laid back beyond belief, and always slow on the uptake. Patrick must be smoking marijuana.  

Spongebob is a bit manic and prone to panic attacks. He must be on hallucinogens, particularly mushrooms. 

Mr. Krabs has wild mood swings and frantic behavior, so he must be a cokehead. 

Finally, Squidward must be a heroin addict due to his moodiness and lackluster performance at work. 

This one seems a little far fetched and makes one wonder what kind of drug usage was involved when formulating this theory.  

7. Spongebob is Dead

This theory came from fans perceiving a change in SpongeBob’s personality starting in the fourth season. In earlier seasons, he is intelligent and capable, albeit naive. As the show progresses, his intelligence declines. 

The theory is that SpongeBob died during the 2004 film’s death scene. Because sea sponges can asexually reproduce, their babies are practically clones. Is it possible that SpongeBob babu replaced him? It would explain why his personality changes, and he never ages. It also explains why he’s stupid – he’s a child! 

8. The Show is a Metaphor for Global Warming

This theory says that because SpongeBob looks more like a household sponge than a sea sponge, he represents the ocean’s pollutants. Patrick represents humanity and civilization, lazy and unmoved by what’s going on. Mr. Krabs is meant to be the pollutant, a metaphor for the global businesses polluting the world. Squidward, for once, is the good guy, the people trying to fix the world, that nobody listens to. 

9. Bikini Bottom is Situated in a Nuclear Test Site

During the cold war, the USA tested nuclear weapons on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Notably, the US government even detonated one underwater. The theory goes that Bikini Bottom is located there. 

The theory goes that the radiation has given them the power of speech, the ability to dress, and all the other hallmarks of human civilization.  

I can’t wait to see what happens in Chernobyl.

10. SpongeBob’s characters represent the 7 deadly sins 

Another theory is that the characters each represent one of the seven deadly sins. There’s some debate on who represents what, but here’s a list with some of the best fits:

  • Pride: Pride is the deep satisfaction pulled from one’s achievements. Sandy is proud of her country, her scientific abilities, and her athleticism. 
  • Envy: Plankton is so envious of the success Mr. Krab has achieved that it borderlines on obsession. 
  • Lust: Pearl is boy-crazed and loves celebrities. 
  • Sloth: Patrick is extremely lazy. He’s unemployed, lives under a rock, and spends most of his days sleeping. 
  • Greed: Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money and collecting more riches. 
  • Gluttony: Mrs. Puff loves food and is shown enjoying anything from cake to pasta to chocolate. Her character is also overweight.
  • Wrath: Squidward feels uncontrolled feelings of anger and hatred. He hates his life, his neighbors, his job, and most everything about Bikini Bottom. 

11. Squidward is SpongeBob’s Caretaker

This theory is one of the more ludicrous, so hear us out.

SpongeBob’s parents realized that their son was an idiot, so doing what any caring sponge parents would do, they got rid of him. 

They bought him a house and hired Squidward to look out for him as a sort of caretaker. 

I’m sure we’ve all thought about doing the same when our own children sponge off us!

So there we have it—eleven of the strangest SpongeBob SquarePants fan theories on the internet. How do they sound to you? A little far-fetched? Or are you now a convert.  

However you feel, I think we can all agree that they’re quite fun.  

Alan Behrens

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