Pros and Cons of R-SIM

R-SIM is a .02mm chip inserted alongside your sim card in your iPhone. The R-SIM bypasses the network lock allowing you to use your iPhone with another carrier or network. Essentially, the R-SIM tricks the SIM card into believing it’s tied to another carrier. It does this while keeping most of the functionality of your phone. R-SIMs have existed for ten years and are currently in their 14th generation. We will discuss the pros and cons of using R-SIM below.  

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Advantages of R-SIM

1.) Cheap way to unlock your phone: The going rate of a factory unlock is about $32 for an iPhone. You can get an R-SIM for around $10.  

2.) Safe to unlock: Many other unlock methods void the warranty of your iPhone. R-SIM is an entirely safe way to unlock your phone.  

3.) R-SIM updates with each iOS upgrade: R-SIM generally works for every iOS upgrade, so you will never have to worry about Apple making R-SIM obsolete. If it doesn’t work, buy a new generation and it should.

4.) Works across most carriers: R-SIM works across a large number of carriers. Even if you live outside of the US, it works for carriers in almost every country on the planet.  

5.) R-SIM isn’t device locked: R-SIM isn’t locked to your when you install it. If you buy a new phone, switch it out.  

6.) Compatible with all iPhones: If you have a model later than the iPhone 5S, R-SIM will work for you. This includes the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, and XS.

7.) They’re easy to install: All you have to do is enter the R-SIM card with your SIM card, and then enter an ICCID unlock code, and you’re good to go!

8.) You don’t need to jailbreak your phone: One of the oldest methods of unlocking your phone was by jailbreaking it. The problem is that this would void your warranty. R-SIM solves that issue!

Disadvantages of R-SIM:

1.) Only works for iPhones: If you have an Android, R-SIM is not for you. It is specifically designed only for iPhone devices.  

2.) The unlock may be temporary: Occasionally, Apple will make an update to block the use of R-SIMs. As a result, R-SIMs on the market become obsolete. You will have to wait for an updated R-SIM to unlock your device.  

3.) Sim chip errors: You have to be careful when you install the chip. If you do a poor job, software errors, network errors, SIM card errors, and other issues can crop up.  

4.) Manual update for each iOS: Every time Apple releases a new operating system, you have to manually enter the Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) code. The good news is that it is free and easy to find on the iOS website. If you depend on your phone for the internet, this can be a major issue.

5.) Beware of scammers: Only buy your R-SIM chip from a trusted source. There are scammers and hackers out there that can steal your personal information or sell you a product that doesn’t work.  

6.) Drains your battery: R-SIMs tend to increase energy consumption, which will drain your battery quicker. This can become a significant problem if you’re using an older iPhone that already has battery issues.  

7.) Slower solution: Because it is a physical solution, it will take much longer to get done than a factory reset. If you need to access a phone immediately, it might not be the best solution.   

8.) Worse resale value: Just like with jailbroken phones, because of the perception, your phone will have a lower resale value.  

9.) Carrier Updates: Your phone will be subject to carrier updates occasionally. It will prompt you to patch your phone, which can create issues with the R-SIM.  

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