Pros and Cons of H&R Block

If you’re not familiar with what H&R Block is, it’s a tax system with more than 120,000 tax professionals to help people prepare their tax returns. It’s an excellent option for those who value reasonably priced tax prep services as well as speed and convenience. 

But is it all sunshine and rainbows, or are there cons to weigh against the pros?

Pros of H&R Block

Free filing

Perhaps one of H&R Block’s best benefits is the free filing option, which offers better options than other programs. For instance, individuals can benefit from home mortgage interest and enjoy income credit deductions. 

Easy to use

H&R Block’s online version is very straightforward and easy to use, allowing individuals to conveniently import the W-2 form while also inputting data with an equal amount of ease and convenience. 

Peace of mind

When individuals go down to their local H&R Block office, they get an “IRS certified and tested” guarantee by an enrolled agent, which helps with tax issues, primarily involving errors. If the IRS audits you, you will never be criminally culpable when using a professional accountant.  

Accuracy check

The online H&R Block program runs accuracy checks to scan for any errors committed on the tax return or any missed opportunities, before submission. This is an option not available on other online tax systems. 

Tax laws clarification 

 An experienced and knowledgeable tax professional, if required, can help clarify all the various tax laws, and explain which ones apply to you, which can avoid unnecessary and time-consuming errors. 

Professional support

Another key advantage of using H&R Block is that they offer expert help in the form of online chat/consultation, where individuals can directly discuss tax filing issues or concerns with a tax preparer. 

Cons of H&R Block

Temporary tax consultants

At H&R Block, there are seasonal employment opportunities, which means they hire new tax consultants every tax season. Therefore, individuals may find it hard to deal with a different tax consultant every time. 

Probably not the best platform for explanations

While H&R Block does provide you with the desired information in many cases, it’s not the best platform if you need detailed reports revolving around tax return filing. It does not do an excellent job of explaining some of the key terms. 

Low-priced plan far from ideal

Both the free and low-price tax plans are not capable of handling complicated tax issues. It is only well-suited to individuals who are preparing tax filing themselves. 

Additional services require a fee

If you need a consultation with a tax professional, then you must pay extra for them to review your tax return filing. Furthermore, an additional $19.99 is payable if you need an audit report. 

Guidance is limited

Compared to another popular online tax system such as TurboTax, the tax guidance in H&R Block often comes up short, with only a handful of options to help you navigate the complex maze of filing tax returns. 

Interface design issues

Again, compared to TurboTax, the software H&R Block uses has design and interface issues, which means it’s not as intuitive as the former. 

Alan Behrens

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