Pros and cons of getting your tonsils removed

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tonsils Removed

Tonsils, found in the back of the throat, are there for a good reason: to protect from infection and diseases that may enter the body through the mouth. 

However, tonsils can also be a source of multiple problems, especially in children. 

Should you surgically have your or your children’s tonsils removed? We discuss some of the pros and cons of getting your tonsils removed:

Pros and cons of getting your tonsils removed
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Advantages of Getting Your Tonsils Removed 

Instant symptomatic relief

If you or your child has ever dealt with tonsil pain and always getting strep throat, then you know how overwhelming it can be. 

People suffering from tonsils have to deal with sore throats and multiple throat infections nearly every year, not to mention the inability to drink and swallow food properly. 

After removing tonsils, you can resume to eat and drink regularly, and you won’t have to worry about painful tonsils or sore throats anymore. 

Better breathing and taste bud efficiency

Post-surgery, you’ll be able to taste your food better, breathe more easily and even do away with bad breath. This is because tonsils are responsible for trapping bacteria and dead cells around the throat, which cause bad breath, and can also make it difficult to breathe or taste food properly.

Improved quality of sleep 

Many adults and children have reported better sleep after a tonsillectomy (the process of surgically removing tonsils). The key reason being that the tonsils no longer cause obstructive sleep apnea – a dangerous condition where people stop breathing almost completely due to obstructions in the throat. 

Feel better in general

When dealing with tonsil-related infections, the body has to work extra hard to ward off those infections in an attempt to stay healthy – which can result in a bogged down feeling. With the tonsils removed, you feel better and rejoice, and are generally more energetic

Cons of Getting Your Tonsils Removed 

Long recovery period

Tonsil surgery can be demanding on the body. In many cases, a moderate-severe sore throat may last up to two weeks post-surgery

Recovery is slow and lengthy, and usually not a pleasant experience. 

Post-surgery pain

In addition to the long and lengthy recovery time, the experience can also be a painful one – with the result that post-operative injuries other than a sore throat may also occur, such as earaches and dental issues. You may also experience trouble swallowing. 

Post-surgery infection 

As tonsils are removed, so is the bacteria clump that’s responsible for preventing bacteria from entering the digestive system. 

This may result in a mild infection and fever – something which can delay recovery. However, severe or threatening diseases post-surgery are rare.

Excessive bleeding 

Although how much bleeding you experience in the days and weeks following tonsil surgery depends on a variety of symptoms, including your current health, excessive bleeding is something that can cause significant complications, especially if it is not dealt with swiftly. 

Too much blood loss can lead to conditions like hypovolemic shock where tissues within the body start dying – if this is not stopped in time, it can result in death. 

Do you need tonsil surgery? These pros and cons of getting your tonsils removed should help you decide. 

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