Positive and Negative Effects of Politics

The fact remains that our society has been shaped by politics, not since we become independent nations but for several millennia. The fact is that politics has been central to human society and more so in ancient times than now, but it still remains a potent force and one that we have all come to depend on totally. In fact, you could say that if it was not for the likes of men like Marcus Tullius Cicero, then the US that we all know would be so different today. It is a matter of common knowledge that the young US government borrowed heavily from ancient Rome and especially from the likes of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Given this, it is important that we take a closer look at some of the positive and negative effects of politics.

Positive and negative effects of politics

Positive Effects of Politics

  • Democracy: While history is rife with examples of various kings and dictators, such as Alexander, Caesar, it should also be pointed out that a system of politics can be crucial to the very survival of any nation. Moreover, by espousing politics, many a young person has risen in power and stature. What’s more, it is this very politics that has resulted in upholding democratic principles, and the classic example of the same is none other than Athens.
  • Power: Politics is often viewed as a ticket to ultimate power; it was viewed in the same way in those ancient times and it has not changed much either now. There are several young citizens, who managed to rise in power as well as stature through politics. It is almost as if power and stature go hand in hand.
  • Publicity: As your popularity increases, you become more recognizable; and what’s more, some politicians have even endorsed various products for a hefty fee.
  • Bills: As a politician, you get to become part of an important process and would take part in debates on the floor of the house. What’s more, your viewpoint is recorded for all prosperity and you would eventually be able to make a difference and make your vote count.

Negative Effects of Politics

  • Crime: The fact is that the criminal world is closely connected to the world of politics; more and more criminals often get a free ticket to stand for election by cashing on favours owned by other politicians. What’s more, some of the politicians do not think that the laws of the land apply to them and that they are immune from the same which eventually results in a rude awakening when the law finally catches up with them.
  • Elitist attitudes: Some of the politicians and their extended family tend to think that they are of different species and often do not bother to wait in queues. That’s just one example; moreover, they often assume that the people are glad if they get to breathe in the same air as them. This has resulted in some of the politicians developing an incorrigible and deplorable attitude.
  • Selfish and self-centred: Often, what sets a politician apart from all the others is the fact that he is willing to do anything in order to gain power and that includes sacrificing all his principles. Matter of fact, most of the active politicians today are often selfish and self-centred and as a result, they often lose the bigger picture the moment they get elected.
  • Religious affiliation: A worrying trend is the fact that some of the politicians wear their religious affiliation like a badge of honour. This is indeed a disturbing trend and one that seems set to continue for the present. Most of the riots and acts of violence that had taken place all over the world for the last several centuries seem to have politicians with religious affiliation heading the pack. More importantly, it is these same politicians who often encourage those rioting to act rather than just to shout slogans. Guess the days of a silent protest march are long over as is the supposed distance between religion and state. With all the lines becoming blurred, it is harder still for politicians to tell the difference between right and wrong. While anyone can have faith, the fact remains that a politician must remain apolitical and that seems to be easier said than done.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of politics. Even with all these negative side effects, the benefits far outweigh the negative effects.

Alan Behrens

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