Positive and negative impact of leadership styles

When it comes to leadership, there are various styles which can lead to both a transactional and transformational change in their employees. A recent study highlighted the fact that most employees either like or dislike their boss and this, in turn, has a direct impact on their productivity. Of course, no one is claiming that the CEO in question has to be loved by everyone but the fact of the matter is that most CEOs are blissfully unaware of how they are perceived by others at the workplace and this attitude has a direct correlative effect on the profit margin. Leadership comes with its own positive and negative effects and its time that we took a closer look at the same.

Positive and negative impact of leadership styles

Positive impact of leadership styles:

  • Goal setting: there are various leadership styles from the autocratic ones who actually believe that it is their way or the highway and then there’s the bureaucratic leadership that believes in dotting all the I’s and t’s, which can be time-consuming. But it should be pointed out that whichever leadership style your boss espouses; the fact remains that he can accomplish the set goals quickly. But more often than not, most bosses tend to take the credit themselves and leaves others smoking in the grass, so as to speak. But the autocratic ones do get the job completed ahead of schedule, and that’s something, especially given the complexity of the task in question.
  • Takes the initiative: A good leader always takes the initiative and gets others to go the extra mile in order to accomplish the task in question. Of course, your boss would have to be a charismatic leader in order to be able to inspire others and once he has your attention, he should be able to get you to do anything. With this style of leadership, your boss should be able to coordinate tasks better and get the various tasks delegated to others and get the same completed ahead of schedule. The one downside is that he might start micromanaging every task assigned and that can be problematic. But as long as he uses his trusted team, and avoids micromanaging any task, he should be able to accomplish his goals ahead of schedule.
  • Incorporates suggestions: A good leader also takes the time to patiently hear others out for their suggestions and tips and even incorporates the same. As long as your boss believes in democratic principles even at the workplace, you should be able to get him to listen to any suggestions that you may have and even act on the same.

Negative impact of leadership styles:

  • Stubborn: Often those who follow an autocratic style of leadership rarely listen to others; they focus more on the moment and even go to the point of ignoring individual employees. Such leaders do not inspire anyone and moreover, rarely realize the value of intuitive leadership skills or talent for that matter. While these leaders may be able to achieve short-term goals, they often fail when it comes to the big ones on account of their autocratic style of leadership.
  • Traditional: Some CEOs tend to follow a bureaucratic style of leadership and often go out of their way to suppress innovative solutions. If the solution suggested is non-traditional either in concept or implementation, then chances are good that the solution would get flushed down the tubes,
  • Democratic: The leader who prefers to listen to others when it comes to resolving problems tends to operate slowly and depends more on others for a solution. In short, you could argue that he is piggybacking on the efforts of others than in getting anything accomplished on his own. As a result, he achieves his goals a lot slower than others.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of leadership styles; with various leadership styles out there, you may want to head online and check them out so that you can get a better read on your boss and find out how he works. This can be important as it an enable you to better relate to your boss and use the information to your advantage.

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