pros and cons of an Xbox One

Biggest Pros and Cons of the Xbox One

The Xbox One is console developed and launched by Microsoft in May 2013 and was met with rave reviews. The console was marketed as an “all-in-one entertainment system,” replacing cable and streaming boxes for many users.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the various pros and cons of owning an Xbox One.

pros and cons of an Xbox One

Pros of the Xbox One

1.) Xbox One isn’t expensive.

When they were first released, Xbox Ones were a hefty $500. Years later, they’ve come down in price quite a bit. Currently, you can get one for as little as $149 depending on the time of year and retailer.

2.) Exclusive Titles.

Xbox One has many titles that are exclusive to the system. If you’re a fan of Halo, Ashen, Gears of War, or Forza, then Xbox One is the system for you.  

3.) Access to Microsoft cloud services.

The creator of Xbox One, Microsoft offers users benefits from its cloud computing services. Users get unlimited cloud services and the ability to connect to OneDrive.

4.) You can play games on your other devices.  

XboxOne supports playing games through the local area network. Any Windows 10 device supports playing Xbox One.

5.) It streamlines shareable content.

Users can easily share gameplay screenshots or video content via social networks. Easy sharing makes Xbox One convenient for streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

6.) It supports a wide variety of applications.

XboxOnes supports more than games. Users can watch Blue-rays or stream via services like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. You can also browse the internet directly from the console.  

7.) Easy to upgrade.

Unlike other consoles, you can easily add extra storage through eternal hard drives.  

8.) Amazing Hardware.

The Xbox One utilizes a 1.7 or 2.3 GHz AMD chip APU and DDR5 or GDDR5 memory depending on the model. As a result, the gaming experience is beautiful and smooth. It’s overall build also makes the console run quieter and cooler than a PS4.

9.) It uses the Kinect.

Xbox One improved significantly on its motion camera with Kinect 2.0, which supports facial recognition, Skype, and even integrates with certain games.  

10.) Amazing multiplayer performance.

Xbox Live is a reliable and proven multiplayer network. Users will never need to worry about network lag when playing an Xbox One.  

Cons of the Xbox One.

1. More expensive than a PS4.

Though it has come down in price, Xbox Ones have been pretty consistently more expensive than a PS4 since its launch. 

2. Niche exclusive content.

XboxOne has great exclusive games if you like racing or shooters. If these aren’t what play, you might be better off with a PS4.  

3. Game sharing is difficult.

To play a friend’s game, you have to directly log into their account if you want to play for free. To play on your account, you have to pay for the game.   

4. Regional-locks on games.

Xbox Onelocks down games geographically. Games you play must meet country regulations. If you live in Ireland and the game is banned, there’s no possible way to play it.

5. You have to pay for online services.

To play an online multiplayer, you need to have pay for an Xbox Live account. It is essential to point out that this is the case for PS4 as well.

6. Limited backward compatibility.

When Xbox One launched, there was no backward compatibility between games. Over the last six years, Microsoft ported some games from Xbox 360 and Xbox, but the number of titles is still limited.

7. User data and privacy.

The storage of facial recognition and heart rate data via Next-Generation Kinect raises several privacy issues. Microsoft could seel your data, or hackers could come in and steal your information. 

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