Positive negative impacts of mobile on kids

Mobile phones have become a very important necessity in our daily life. As it performs a wide range of functions such as call, message, accessing social media, bank accounts, chatting with friends, and a lot more, imagining a life without it is tough.  Not just adults, children are also tech-savvy these days. Owning a mobile phone of their own is a common sight. As everything comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages, mobile phone also has its advantages and drawbacks.

Positive negative impacts of mobile on kids

Positive impacts of mobile on kids

Mobile phone is beneficial for kids in a variety of ways. Let us see each of them in detail.


The first and foremost benefit of using cell phones is “communication”. With these electronic gadgets, a child can talk to anyone from any place and at any point of time. This small sized device is important especially when they go alone. By enabling GPS feature, their parents would be aware of where they are all times. In this way, they can be in constant touch with their parents.


Gone are the days when television was seen as the only entertainment mode. Their place is now taken by mobile phones. They have become a modern form of unlimited entertainment. Children can watch their favourite television channel, and movies, chat with their friends, listen to songs, play games, click selfies, access social media websites etc. for free using their phone.

Assist in their studies

Along with being a good entertainment source, mobile phones are also beneficial in the studies of a child. Besides movies, songs, sports, there are several information and educational apps that can be helpful in enhancing the knowledge of a child. A child can remain updated of what is happening in the world with news apps.

Negative impacts of mobile on kids

Mobile phone can be an easy means to distract your child. It comes with its own set of disadvantages. Some of them have been mentioned below as:

Health Issues

It has been seen that continuous exposure to mobile phone can lead to development of health issues in a child. The reason behind it is the radiation that emits from it. These radiations are very powerful to adversely impact the different organs of the child. As children are still in the growing stage, their body is still developing, the impact of its radiation could be severe than those on youths or adults.

Children who have a tendency to use their phones by keeping them near to their ear for a prolonged time period have risks of development of non-malignant tumors, in the areas of the brain and the ear. The tissues, protective linings for the brain, and bones are thin in children and can get easily damage from the prolonged use of it.

These organs absorb more than sixty percentage of radiation that gets emitted via the cell phones. So, radiations cause strange impact in the body. In some cases, it can even impact the nervous system too. Excessive exposure to mobile phones can cause potential threat of cancer too.

Impaired Brain Function

Mobile phones work majorly on electromagnetic waves. These are the waves that are used for different types of communication. In case of children, these waves can travel from their mobile phone and get easily penetrated straight to the interior areas of the brain as they don’t have a robust shield.

Based on a research, it has been shown that just by talking over the mobile phone for two minutes, can change the electrical activity in the brain of a child. Such erratic activity results in issues in behavioral tendencies, and mood patterns. It can even cause problems to a child to learn new things or focus on things properly.

Poor Academic Performance

Mobile phones are also seen to adversely impact the academic performance of a child. Children are often seen to bring their phones to the schools. While sitting in the classroom, they play games on phones, chat with their friends, read jokes and other activities that not just disturbs the classroom atmosphere but also deteriorates their studies. They miss out on important lectures, and remain clueless about studies.

Academic Malpractice

Mobile phones come with inbuilt calculators that can make the calculations easy. Due to this reason, carrying a phone in the exam venue is not allowed. Some students resort to malpractices by taking risks of carrying these phones to the exam venue. This is done with an intention of scoring well in examinations. Such behavior affects their academic performance and can even result in severe punishments too.

Inappropriate Media

Kids can get access to inappropriate messages, texts, or images, that are passed by their friends on their mobile. This can cause a lot of harm to the small minds and even make them get addicted to it.

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