Positive and Negative Impacts of Global Warming

There is a certain school of thought that likens global warming to a conspiracy hatched out by certain vested groups. Irrespective of what Machiavellian scheme they would have for propagating such a theory, the facts speak for themselves. Countless hours of observation of polar caps, recording of Earth’s mean temperature over the last two hundred years, the rise in the ocean temperature over several decades all point to one incontrovertible fact that global warming is a reality and one that is ongoing. It is time that we addressed the elephant in the room and understood the fact that global warming is for real and considered all the positive and negative implications of the same.

Positive and negative impacts of global warming

The Positive Impact of Global Warming

  • Milder winters: One of the key aspects to a prevailing warming trend is that it will result in milder winters. For one, we can expect little or no winter storms, or storms that do not last long coupled with mild winters rather than the subzero temperatures we have to consider the norm for places like Washington state, during the winter season. A spike in the earth’s mean temperature should result in milder weather all year around and while there is bound to cause some disruption to current weather patterns the overall climate for cities located up north, should decidedly improve for the better.
  • Agriculture: The rise in mean temperature should mean that agricultural growth in higher latitudes should show marked improvement. Moreover, the increase in day temperatures should reduce occurrences’ of frost which can impact vegetation. Moreover, the hike in mean temperature should enable farmers to diversify their crops accordingly. Farmers should be able to grow a larger variety of crops much more quickly than before.
  • Increased vegetation: The spike in mean temperature should encourage plants to grow more rapidly; this should result in an increase in extant forest cover. Apart from forests, the increased temperature should result in more luxuriant growth under the right circumstances and cause the ecosystem to regenerate. The increased growth, the thick cover should come in handy by providing several species with the requisite shelter.

The Negative Impact of Global Warming

  • Drought: The increase in mean temperature is bound to have an impact on weather patterns, namely both the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon. Many south-east Asian countries depend heavily on a normal monsoon and any change in precipitation patterns is bound to have a cascading effect on the region as a whole. A hike in mean temperatures can cause an El Nino effect and lead to less rainfall; this can set the stage for drought and famine.
  • Wildfire: As temperatures increase all over the world, the dry climate, coupled with deficient rainfall can help set the stage for wildfires to rage out of control. Australia and the US are susceptible to both seasonally and a hike in the mean temperature can make the seasonal feature a regular one.
  • Health: With heat waves becoming the norm with excessive daytime temperatures, heat strokes are bound to occur more often than before. Heat strokes can be fatal especially to the very young and the elderly; a heat stroke can cause the nervous system to shut down altogether. There is bound to be an increase in the number of fatalities as a result of prolonged heat waves on account of global warming.
  • Economy: Nations whose economy relies heavily on Agriculture are bound to be affected the most as a result of changing weather patterns. The agricultural produce is bound to fall drastically and this is bound to cause a hike in some of the basic prices. All of this will result in higher inflation which is bound to affect everyone, in every stratum of society. The subsequent depleted stock of food crops can cause the prices for the same to spiral out of control and may even cause the nation to experience Hyperinflation.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of global warming; as you can see, the negatives far outweigh the positives and it is time that we all did what we could, to mitigate the effects of global warming. While it may not be possible to reverse the conditions that helped cause the global warming in the first place, we can at least try and ensure that we do not accelerate the pace of global warming any further.

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  1. So I guess there were climate protests at the Yale-Harvard football game. I know these people are just trying to do a good thing for climate change. If it was me there I’d be furious What’s next? You know what I mean?


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