Positive and negative energy impact on water crystals

The human mind is indeed a remarkable organ in the sense that it is able to sense the abstract and even develop a consciousness that allows us to explore the unseen, the unconscious part of ourselves. The fact remains that we are indeed an evolved species and as such, we have the power and energy within ourselves to transform things around us.  While the above paragraph may sound like a line, the fact remains that Dr Masaru Emoto conducted a thought experiment in 1990 which only underscores the fact that we can help change the way we feel and everything around us depending on our positive and negative energy. But irrespective of whether you choose to believe in Dr Masaru’s thought experiment, the fact remains that it comes with a few positive and negative impacts that you may want to take a closer look at.

Positive and negative energy impact on water crystals

The positive impact of energy impact on water crystals:

  • The power of positive thinking: Dr Masaru Emoto’s thought experiment wherein he directed his thoughts at certain beakers of water, just before they froze and then studied the crystals formed only shows that we do impact everything around us to the Nanoscale. Granted the thought experiment wherein a person could direct positive thoughts and negative thoughts on standing beakers of water, just before they froze managed to prove that crystals formed in beakers at which positive thoughts were directed at, stood out in terms of beauty and innovative shapes. On the other hand, the negative thoughts resulted in crystallization that was repulsive to look at; and on a side note, this experiment was repeated again and again with similar results. What this experiment managed to showcase is the power of positive thinking and the fact that we have what it takes to help change things within ourselves and around us, in a positive manner.
  • Optimism: The thought experiment which underscored the power of positive thinking made it possible for many to realize the benefits of the same. Positive thinking enables you to become more optimistic and in the process, helps your brain to release more dopamine, thereby making you feel better about yourself. That may sound corny but it is a scientific fact that dopamine is a feel-good hormone and as you feel better about yourself and all those around you, the extra dopamine in your brain packs a wallop, and this can even help offset depression. This is why a positive thought experiment is ideal as it requires no investment in any massive infrastructure and can be conducted with ease. And as the results of the experiment confirm the effects of positive thinking, it should enable you to focus more on being positive and optimistic most of the time.

The negative impact of energy impact on water crystals:

  • Uncontrolled conditions: One of the reasons that this experiment has not been readily accepted by some is the fact that it was held in uncontrolled conditions, meaning that the beakers could have been exposed to external stimuli other than the temperature. There could be a cross-contamination of the samples which could have caused the crystals to form the way that they did. There’s no way to prove that the doctor in question did not tamper with his samples and even though the thought experiment has been repeated several times after that, it has not been repeated in a totally controlled condition without any external stimuli other than the required ones, such as temperature. Given this, and the fact that there is no way to gauge if any cross contamination took place or not, it Is not possible to accept the experiment at face value.
  • Belief: We are generally cynical of the unseen and it is but natural for most people to feel cynical about any thought experiment. But the fact that this experiment has not been peer-reviewed makes it appear dubious; even though the premise is quite basic as in the power of positive thought, there is no credible evidence to prove that the distortion in the water crystals was due to negative thoughts. This is why it is a little hard for some people to accept this experiment and all its findings ‘as it is’

These are some of the positive and negatives of energy on water crystals; it remains to be seen if this experiment can be repeated in controlled conditions with little or no external stimuli and the findings should definitely be interesting, to say the least.

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