Pros and Cons of Amberen

Pros and cons of Amberen

Amberen is a dietary supplement meant to relieve many symptoms associated with menopause. As a woman’s body transitions away from a reproductive age to the next stage, her hypothalamus loses sensitivity to stimuli coming from the body’s organs. As the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling the body’s hormone levels, this results in a hormonal imbalance. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Protandim

Pros and Cons of Protandim

Protandim is a dietary supplement created by the LiveVantage Corporation. It is supposed to strengthen immunity and regulate stress responses via antioxidants. Because its effects are controversial, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of Protandim:  Pros of Protandim: 1.) Lowers blood pressure:  Protandim could potentially reduce the blood pressure of individuals … Read more

The Impact Of Stress On Your Body

The impact of stress on your body

You’re sitting in traffic, running late for a flight.  The minutes tick by and traffic hasn’t moved an inch.  Your hypothalamus, an important regulator in your brain, begins releasing stress hormones.  These stress hormones are identical to the ones that trigger “fight or flight” responses.  Your heart beats uncontrollably and you begin to hyperventilate.  Your … Read more

Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Healthcare

Positive and negative impact of technology on healthcare

Our daily lives have been revolutionized by technology.   From the moment we wake up we begin interacting with our phones, computers, and vehicles. One of the most important sectors revolutionized by technology is healthcare. As all great advances, this comes with its own pros and cons. Positive Impact of Technology in Healthcare Effectively Monitor Health … Read more

Positive And Negative Effects of Energy Drinks

Positive negative effects of energy drinks

Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. People consume them to increase alertness, concentration, and energy. Sugar, caffeine, taurine, herbal extracts, and vitamins are some of the ingredients used to cause this effects. As energy drinks become more popular, we’re starting to learn more about the side effects. Some healthcare professions even caution against … Read more