Positive and negative aspects of career guidance

Career guidance plays a pivotal role in helping many young teens make the right career choice; most schools offer counseling services to their students so that these students can take advantage of the same, and decide the course of their future education. Granted, that if you were asked to make the career decision in a matter of few months, the process can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is where career guidance comes in and most counselors will sit you down, examine your performance over a certain period, gauge your interests and help make you the right call. But more often than not, not all the guidance counselors give the right advice which is why we need to take a closer look at the positive and negative aspects of career guidance.

Positive and negative aspects of career guidance

Positive aspects of career guidance:

  • Making a difference: Career guidance counselors often act as a stand-in as psychologists as they are more attuned to helping the young students deal with various issues stemming from their personal life as well. Since personal issues can cause a student to perform poorly, counselors are often tasked with talking to the student to understand the root cause of the problem. So in a sense, these counselors often portray a better understanding of what the student is going through and are able to provide them with better advice on a host of issues. But it should be pointed out that the main objective of any career guidance counselor is to ensure that you make the right choice where your career is concerned and all their efforts are to make sure that this happens sooner than later.
  • College applications: The process of applying for various colleges and choosing the right one is never an easy one; career guidance counselors can help you out with the same. They can assess your performance and provide you with a frank appraisal as regards your chances of being accepted by a particular college. They can also provide you with advice on specialized educational degree programs, and enable you to understand the advantages of applying for the same.
  • Varied help: Although it is not part of their brief, most guidance counselors also go all out to help their young wards deal with various issues – this can be anything from being bullied to being abused by someone in a position of authority. This is why most schools prefer to hire guidance counselors who have done a degree course in educational psychology or counseling as it helps them to reach out to young students and help those in need, more effectively.

Negative aspects of career guidance:

  • Low to median pay: One of the reasons why there is a dearth of career guidance counselors in schools has more to do with the fact that this job comes with a low to median pay. The fact that most career guidance counselors are also required to provide all-around counseling to students, does not entail them to higher wages. As a result, most of those who graduated with counseling degrees, prefer to seek employment with private organizations as the pay is better. This is something that the education department has to address at the earliest.
  • High-pressure job: One of the other reason that most opt out of choosing career guidance counselor as a career choice has more to do with the fact that schools have changed over the last few years. Students are more prone to act out these days and with rampant bullying on the rise, along with cyberbullying, it has become a lot harder to reach out to these students and help put out the various fires before it becomes a major issue. To state that a school career guidance counselor is a high-stress job would indeed be an understatement especially when you consider the fact that most high school students also have easy access to recreational drugs along with alcohol.
  • Lengthy certification process: And when you take into account the fact that you would have to be directly supervised by your peers for a couple of years after joining up as a guidance counselor, it soon becomes evident as to why career guidance counselors often rank low on the scale of preferred careers for most psych graduates.

These are some of the positive and negative aspects of career guidance; career guidance is essential these days to help young students realize their dream and help them make the right choice where their future education and career is concerned.

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