Aquaguard providing assurance of purity

Eureka Forbes has been the topmost company and the leading brand when it comes to the water industry. It is India’s leading industry for maintaining its customer’s health and hygiene. It has not only established a benchmark for other companies but also is ruling the hearts of its customers by continuing to provide the top-class products. Aquaguard, being the brand name for the Eureka Forbes in case of water purifiers, comes out with the best and the most versatile products of their company.


Water problems have become hazardous to people. They not only suffer from various diseases, but also these problems can damage their skin as well as their hair. With the increasing amount of water pollution on the Earth, and with water containing just 4% of the entire world, lack of water is also becoming another major threat, especially inking water. But this can end if people start up by getting install a ro water purifier at their homes, or their respective areas of work. Aquaguard comes with the assurance of providing you with the purest form of water you can also contact aquaguard water purifier customer care number.

How is Eureka Forbes or Aquaguard helps?

Eureka Forbes or. aquaguard helps to guard the water from all the chemicals and impurities like bacteria, chlorine, lead, and other primary and deadly toxins. The aquaguard not only helps in the purification of the contaminated water but also it purifies all sorts of water like hard water, borewells, municipal water, and many others. With its advanced membrane, it works longer and with more efficiency. It entails many features with it such as the Intelligent Alert interface, NextGen LED Display and also Biotron, which helps to add an op of healthy water and make the operation of the purifier at a breeze.

Everyone in the market is providing with a decent water purifier but how many can offer excellent after-sales service. One cannot just buy a purifier to test only theirs after sale services. In these types of situations, the customer should go with the brand, which is already recognized in the market and has some brand value — the aquaguard customer care number by the customers rated with the highest reviews ever received. Eureka Forbes is one of those brands which is highly acclaimed in their field and is well received among the customers. With aquaguard water purifier, the customer gets best in class after sales service. The price of the Aquaguard is also economical and can be afforded by many households.

What are the features of the aquaguard water purifier?

Aquaguard contains quite several features as well as entitlements within it. It comes with a unique e-boiling process along with the advanced 6 stage process of technology. This helps and makes this process more sophisticated due to which it helps to removes all the diseases causing the bacteria, virus, and the protozoa-cysts, by making it healthy to ink with providing pure and healthy water. Below are some features which the. aquaguard entails-

• Active Copper Maxx cartridge: With the Active Copper Maxx, the work instantly starts by Infusing the copper ions into the water. The Maxx effect releases not only copper but select the number of other micronutrients like the calcium, magnesium and zinc and other impurities.

• Large Storage Facility: aquaguard is built with a 7litre storage capacity, which helps to ensure the safe and healthy water always. It has the best storage capacity as compared to other products in the market. It stores an ample amount of water after you can switch it off also.

• Health Protect Facility: For your safety issue, this company provides water purifier which has been specially designed and electronically authenticated purification cartridges of ro ensure the promise of delivering with pure and healthy water or with no water.

• Advanced Mineral Guard Facility: The technology which is existing in purifier contains essential minerals like the calcium and the magnesium which are naturally present in the water, and which the ordinary water purifiers fail to deplete, giving you healthy water.

• Health in each single op: It not only provides you with the great water, but it also helps to improve the bodily functions and the comfort levels for the respective person.

• Intuitive Best LED Display: The Intuitive LED display of entailing in the aquaguard water purifier helps to inform you about the purification process of the water, along with the water level and the service alert for the product.

Why choose Aquaguard water purifiers as a source for your health?

Aquaguard’s RO is the market leader in water purification and utilizes its patented multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control to remove the impurities like the bacteria & viruses to deliver 100% pure & natural mineral-rich water. It is considered as the famous Healthcare brand in India and believes that Purity is the most significant source of a healthy life. Along with that aquaguard customer care no is always available for any of your queries or mistakes.

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